Wednesday, July 12, 2017

7 Good Reasons to Visit Truckers Summer Warehouse

1. Truckers DXB summer edition is indoors. Teehee!!!!

Man! It is scorching hot outside and it will still take another couple of months to enjoy Dubai's outdoor life. But with Truckers DXB Summer Warehouse, you can enjoy summer at this hipster hangout and can forget at least for a while, Dubai's natural sauna outside. Truckers DXB Summer Warehouse is located in Hall 8 of the World Trade Center. It is big and there's plenty of space to move around. Open from 5th July to 2nd September 2017 taking place from Wednesdays to Saturdays every week for the whole summer. Entrance Fee is AED 10 for adults and free for kids age 12 and below.

2. Accessible by Trade Center Metro Station.  Closest entrance is the Novotel side and/or the multi-storey car park.

3. Foodie Haven

With 15 home-grown food trucks at the Truckers DXB Summer Warehouse, you will never run out of food options both fusion and authentic dishes from around the world. Truckers DXB founder Alexandre Teodoresco tour us around and introduced us to each food truck owners.

Clinton St. Baking Company & Restaurant

Sir Loin & Sons by Food Truck Co

El Cubano by Food Truck Co

Frings of Nineteen72FoodCo

GoBai Food Truck

Mr. Brisket

Swag Food Truck

The Shebi


Saj 2 Go


Churros by Yellow Brick Rd

4. Instagram gold mine

With its signature industrial set up, every corner is Instagram-worthy.

Instagram-worthy desserts by Cryspes


Colorful donut plushy

WTF - Where's The Food

5. Family friendly and kid friendly

Visitors have plenty of things to do including video games, a retro arcade, a Netflix zone, virtual reality activations, live music performances, cooking classes, and an artisan market. Smaller kids can play at the inflatable park while parents enjoy their food and drinks

Artisan members of Arte Dubai are also in the house

6. Chill out at the bar (for adults only)

7. Simply one of the hippest place to hang out in Dubai right now. Bring your friends and family and I'm sure everyone's going to have a good time

Ferald and I got hungry after the tour and ordered some of the best sellers from Clinton St. Baking Co and Restaurant (chicken and waffles), Angus Beef Burger from Sir Loin & Sons and Fries and Wings at Frings.

and of course, some churros to go for the kids

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