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The weekend before my impromptu Armenia trip with Ferald, we took the kids for a nice breakfast at Pancake House. It was Friday morning so I didn't expect the restaurant to be crowded. Turns out, they're busy, which tells me they have good food worth waking up for (if not, fast and free wifi, jk) Or maybe both.

Pancake House has been around in the Philippines since the '70s. At present they have about 160 branches in and out of the country. The branch in BurJuman Centre Mall, easily accessed via BurJuman Metro station (red/green line), opened its doors in September last year. The good news is, that branches in Abu Dhabi and Dubai Mall are soon to open so your favorite pancake house will be closer than ever.

As the restaurant name would suggest, they serve pancakes. Fluffy, airy, and moist pancakes topped with butter and drizzled with sugar syrup. They also have waffles. You can order both classic styles or make it extra special with bananas, chocolate chips, walnuts, or blueberries, mix it up or go bolder with lemon flavor. Side orders of chicken sausages or crisp beef bacon are also available.

If you're like me, then turn to dessert and order the Holiday Banoffee Pancake

It was so good. No, it was perfect that even my not-so-pancake-loving husband got hooked. We almost licked the plate clean. Oops! Sorry I got carried away. Did you notice the drool?

Kidding aside, Pancake House intends to satisfy cravings and help reminisce the best of childhood memories as well as make new ones. What is your favorite Pancake House dish by the way? The one that takes you back. Tbh, this was our first dining experience at Pancake House and they did not disappoint. It is now on the list of Filipino restaurants we love in this area of Dubai.

Other than just pancakes and waffles, they serve some of the best and most loved Filipino breakfasts including Longanisa, Daing na Bangus, Beef Tapa, Fish Rolls, Home Style Bangus, and Arroz ala Cumabana mostly served with garlic rice and egg.

Of course, I had to ask for their best seller.

Smoked Golden Tinapa. 

It is a traditional Filipino breakfast with smoked milkfish deep-fried until crisp, garlic fried rice topped with a sunny side up egg with a perfectly runny yolk, served with mango salsa to balance the flavor and vinegar that hugs all the flavors together.

While I went all-Filipino for my breakfast, Ferald had the House Special Set which comes with a delicious mix of specialties such as taco, spaghetti with meat sauce and garlic bread, one piece pan chicken, and iced tea. He was pleased with his food. I had a taste of the chicken and it was so good. Moist and soft on the inside and crispy on the outside. The marination (I tasted a hint of calamansi in it) seeps into the meat which makes it so flavorful.

Other dishes that we've tried were pasta carbonara topped with a couple of slices of crispy bacon, Cinnamon Toast, and for dessert, aside from the Holiday Banoffee Pancake, we were served with Giant Banana Split which comes with big scoops of vanilla, strawberry and chocolate ice cream. Such an awesome treat.

There's a variety of main courses from eggs, fish, meat, and chicken and they all look appetizing. Will have to try some of them when we come back. For something lighter, their salads look amazing. Kid's meals are also available.

We highly recommend Pancake House. Delicious yet affordable food, homey ambiance, and excellent service. We were seated next to the floor-to-ceiling glass window and the morning light floods the whole restaurant. It gives you that glorious feeling of having been able to wake up early and have a hearty and homey breakfast with your family. Ughh! It was just amazing, I can't wait to go back.

Pancake House 
Ground Floor, BurJuman Mall,
Sunday to Saturday: 8 am to 12 midnight

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