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Ginisang Munggo (Monggo) - Filipino Style Mung Bean Soup

I am not picky with food. I also love eating at turo-turo (eateries) here in Dubai. Of course, I don't expect to find the same taste and presentation or ingredients in the food I eat at these eateries as the ones I cook at home. Budget meals are budget meals but a healthy meal made less healthy by adding unhealthy ingredients for the taste is not in my book. Ginisang munggo for example is a very healthy Filipino soup dish. Versatile dish. It can be pure vegetarian or loaded with protein. The one I ate at the eatery was overloaded with chicken skin. I had to fish out the chicken skin off the soup while I was eating. It's probably fine as a garnish but not as one of the main ingredients. I cannot take it. Fine, enough of the rant. Haha. Ginisang munggo (mung bean soup) is one of my daughter's favorite soup dishes. Mine too. She pours heaps into her steaming rice and is happiest at the dinner table so it has to be here on the blog. So how do I cook my ginisang munggo, the heal

Famous Filipino Chicken Adobo

I recently discovered Bogs Kitchen on Youtube . I stumbled upon one of Bogs Kitchen's videos with the title PINOY FOOD TRUCK | Tambayan ng mga OFW at G.I.  I watched many of his other videos for hours afterward. It's just so inspiring to watch. Bogs Kitchen is a business owner in the US who owns a food truck that sells Filipino food to US servicemen in the area where they are parked. These US Army actually loves Filipino food including our famous chicken adobo. It is just delightful to watch them enjoy Filipino Food.  Well, who doesn't fall in love with our famous chicken adobo or any other variations of adobo?  Adobo is unofficially the national dish of the Philippines. Adobo in our household is also a staple dish.  I learned to cook adobo when I was already in college. My mom taught me how to cook adobo in the simplest and fastest way and that's what I'll share here. Mainly for my kid's reference but you can use it too. I rarely buy choice-cut chicken. I get a

Bistek Tagalog - Pinoy Beefsteak

Bistek Tagalog is a regular beef dish at home. I always cook it because my family loves it. It is also one of the dishes I would love my kids to learn how to cook. It is one of their comfort foods that is easy to make so I am keeping the recipe here for them. This is a small batch which is good for 2-3 people. Ingredients 500 grams beef (preferably sirloin or any tender beef cuts) thinly sliced 1/2 cup of dark soy sauce (add more if needed) Juice of 1 large lemon 1 large yellow onion sliced into rings 4 tablespoons cooking oil (I used olive oil to sear the beef) 1/2 cup of water 1 pinch salt and black pepper Here is how I usually cook it. -Marinate beef in soy sauce, lemon, and ground black pepper for an hour. You can also marinate it overnight for best results (be sure to keep it in the fridge if marinating overnight) -Now, heat the cooking oil in a pan. Drain the marinade from the beef and set it aside.  -Pan-fry all the beef pieces (both sides). Remove from the pan. Set aside -Add m