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Halloween Costumes - Dia de Los Muertos

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Dia de Los Muertos

This is a post-Halloween blog but I'll put it up anyway for keepsake.

I'm just glad I did it. To put that face paint on and enjoyed the celebration coz everyone came to the party.

Halloween Costumes

A few days to our Fright Night with PONG, I was still hesitant whether I'd put that Dia de Los Muertos makeup on. I've been looking for ideas on Pinterest for so many days. There were so much beautiful and extravagant makeup and costumes, it is so tempting to splurge.

We bought the props, masks, face paint, and yet I wasn't hundred percent sure I'm going to do it just because it was so inconvenient to clean up the makeup after. But I did it anyway in the end. This is but a rare occasion. We are not big on Halloween parties in our country as we have a different tradition to commemorate our dearly departed. 

Ate did the work for me even though I got her so pissed off with my nagging, she put on a smile and finished my look. Thank you ate, love you lots. 

It was yet another successful PONG event in the desert.

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A not yet so spooky Saturday

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Can you call this spooky? What I see in this is pure FUN! The kids had a great time yesterday and I had fun too.

We are two weeks away from Halloween but thought that we can make something out of the orange and black crepe paper that we have at home. I thought that the kids would love to do crafts since they are already doing some art stuff. We made paper spider webs like the ones you see in the photo, we got the idea from here. We also made some orange and black  crepe hanging decors and with a little bit of make faces, we already achieved a little bit of spooky atmosphere. Hey look at the little guy and and and .........the man behind you!!!!

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Operation Jack-o'-lantern


Happy Halloween Pips of the Blogosphere!

Operation Jack-O'-Lantern

Due to the death of Ras Al Khaima ruler HH Sheikh Saqr Bin Mohammed Al Qasimi on Wednesday Oct 27 many events in Dubai and the entire UAE has been cancelled as a sign of respect. Flags fly at half mast and some Emirates declared a three day public holiday and seven days of mourning.Events include those for the Halloween scheduled on Oct 27 to Nov 3. 

As a substitute and for them not to miss out, which is widely celebrated back in our home country, we had Operation  Jack-O'-lantern. We bought a small pumpkin from Carrefoure for AED 5.00. It's kind of small because the bigger and heavier ones are very costly, lets say AED 29.50/kilo and one big pumpkin is about 5 kilo each. So, we settle for a small one. The size doesn't matter anyway.

For sure the cemeteries in the Philippines are packed today and for those who are unable to go there to pay respect to their departed lighted up candles and said a little prayer for them.

This candle are for those of our loved ones who past away, may your souls rest in peace and for those who have not, may this light be a guide for you to travel towards that bright light.
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