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New Years Eve Celebration by the Beach

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For the second time around we ushered the New Year by the beach next to Burj Al Arab. The last time we were there was in 2009. It was a bigger event this time and more crowded because the people are also anticipating to witness Atlantis the Palm and the World Island break the record of Bahrain with the most number of pyrotechnics. And did they break it? Of course they did. Here's the vid

We left the house at eight in the evening, we reached the beach road after battling traffic jams and also faced difficulty getting a parking space because every inch and every corner are already occupied, we were able to park our car after an hour or so. Two hours to midnight, we got a good spot at the beach for viewing the fireworks display.

We had our packed media noche feast that I prepared myself and then we sit back and relax sipping some hot drinks while waiting for the countdown to begin. This is us all wrapped up in warm clothes because it was very cold, I love those pompom hats the kids are wearing, their dad bought it last minute because he was worried the kids will be too exposed to cold.

We had our ups and downs in 2013 and the worst part was when Ferald lost his job and the best part was when he found a new one. Mica on the other hand had her first confession and Prince is potty trained. I had some good things happening at work and was really thankful for it.

Then the countdown begins ...12:00 1/1/2014 Welcome 2014

This is also a good viewing spot to see the most awaited fireworks display of the Palm Island and the World Island, few minutes after Burj Al Araab fireworks display, it erupted and the shoreline was again illuminated with beautiful colors.

It was all worth the wait, we ended our 2013 and usher 2014 with a high spirit. We got home at about past 3 am. I woke up loving 2014, it feels like I am a new person just as the new year. I am looking forward to a good year ahead.

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Happy New Year 2014

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I kept on looking at the clock, waiting to see the time struck 13.00 31.12.13. Today is half day at work, also the last day of 2013 and I have tons of things to do or so I thought. I remember last year when we planned to see Burj Khalifa fireworks and its been a year since we lost our car key on the day of new years eve.

Only this morning we have decided where to go for fireworks viewing. We are actually spoilt in Dubai with so many fireworks display to chose from and they are all promising spectacular show tonight to usher 2014. Dubai Festival City fire, water and fireworks show is a good option because it's the nearest to us and Burj Khalifa can be seen from this area as well, then there is Burj Khalifa fireworks expecting to have 1 million spectators tonight, Burj Al Arab will illuminate the sky for fifteen minutes and there is the record breaking attempt by Atlantis the Palm with 400,000 fireworks from 400 locations in total of 6 minutes, they say it will be visible from space. Dubai sky will surely be the brightest tonight.

Someone said that the house should not be left empty on New Years Eve and it should be kept open to allow good vibes to enter to have a good year ahead. My parents followed the same belief and I still believe in it and I have nothing against it. I guess I am a new age person of the 21st century and tonight I am packing our media noche to the beach of Burj Al Arab to usher the New Year there with my family and friends. The house I am closing it as I don't want burglary on new years eve, not another thing missing on NYE please.

Bye 2013 Hello 2014, please be good to me!

I am out, where is that roasting pan?

Where ever you are now, how ever you are celebrating tonight, I would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year and may 2014 bring us all good tidings.
with love MYB

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Happy New Year - 2013

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Nine hours from now 2012 will be gone and here comes 2013. I thank God that we are still here and that end of the world speculations were completely a hoax. I am also thankful to him for so many blessings. I am glad that I can still celebrate the new year with my family and watch Burj Khalifa - the tallest building in the world showcase its tallest fireworks display in the world to be recorded tonight by Guinness. Thousands of people will be flocking downtown Dubai and I am scared to face non moving traffic, over crowding, and getting home at 3 am in the morning not to mention waiting almost four hours to witness the event unfold.

We were not in Dubai last new year, we celebrated it in our home country the traditional way but the year before that we were here at the foot of the Burj Khalifa witnessing the change of year from 2010 to 2011. I don't know what to expect except that the management is closing many points of entry to Downtown Dubai. Metro will be packed and Sheikh Zayed Road will be like Karama parking area. But I will set aside my worries, this is the new year and I am excited as a child

I did not realized until today that I haven't shared our experience in New Year 2010. Here are some photos back then. I wish you all a Happy New year. MYB

Dubai Mall fountain dance all night to differenct music pleasing everyone

The crowd is growing every minute at Burj Park where we stayed. Prince was still a baby back then, about eight months now he is two and a half.

Burj Khalifa after the fireoworks display covered in smoke. 

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