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Bataan: Turtle Releasing Program at Pawikan Conservation Centre in Morong

From Pilar to Orani to Morong, we went on a scenic drive to reach the other side of Bataan to visit the Pawikan Conservation Center, a humble but important sanctuary. It was about one hour and forty minutes drive from Barangay Tala in Orani to Nagbalayong in Morong passing winding roads lined with tall trees and lush greeneries I have always wanted to participate in the turtle-releasing program but never had the chance until the day we visited the Pawikan Conservation Center. I am always keen on finding extraordinary things to do with my kids and family. Special experiences I hope they'll never forget. This was one of those precious moments. The kids were so excited to participate in this activity. We all listened attentively to Mang Manolo while he explained to us the importance of the pawikan and the work the Bantay Pawikan team does to protect them. Pawikan Conservation Center opened the Turtle Releasing Program to the public to create awareness while