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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Coffee Morning with UAE Mom Bloggers + A Family Photoshoot with Picture People

This is my favorite photo among the five photos Picture People gave us

and this is my second favorite, as Picture people said on their comment on Instagram when I posted it, "two peas in a pod", yes they are! They are a mixed of me and my husband's features and it was greatly captured here.

and third, this is Ferald's favorite, now both our iPhone's screen saver

and fourth, this one is for our wall

and fifth. Actually, I love them all. It was really hard to choose.

There were probably more than 20 shots taken, all of them captured beautifully, during our complimentary 20-minute photo session with photographer Erika of Picture People. There were so many beautiful photos but those five are the ones we really liked the most.

Here we are with our photographer at the viewing station checking our pictures, that one on the screen, I like that too. Special thanks to Mommy Abi for capturing this one.

This was our first professional family photoshoot and I said I'd like to keep it classic. The night before, we all agreed to wear white which came out really nice in our pictures.

Erika, our photographer was very professional and yet fun to work with. I'm glad that my kids were both in good mood that morning and were both having fun too during the shoot.

It was a great experience for us and we are happy to work with them and will definitely recommend to friends. They were all very professional and at the same time warm and patient especially with small kids.

The studio, located at Al Wasl Vita is very inviting.

The interior is minimalist with clean white walls, wooden floors and glass facade. There is a play area for the kids and a comfortable lounge.

There are three studios and four viewing stations. The walls were adorned with samples of their work, all looking fantastic.

This photo session with Picture People is part of UAE Mom Bloggers coffee morning which wouldn't be possible without the organizers behind it, Tarana of Sand In My Toes and Abigail of Cuddles and Crumbs. Thank you for bringing us all moms together and our families and giving us an opportunity to meet each other in a wonderful event like this. It was lovely to meet all of you.

UAE Mom Bloggers: Standing: Zeyna, Carla, Tarana, Mariam, and Abigail 
Kneeling: Meg and Sheila
Sitting: Amrita, Sandy, Abbey, Claire, and Laura

For more information about Picture People UAE:
Instagram: @picturepeopleuae
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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Busy Bee

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After breaking a sweat at the gym, I went to the 11th floor where there is a place to breath fresh air and a place to sit to allow my body and my  heartbeat to return to a normal hum. Few minutes later, I'm on my way to the stairs back to the changing room and as I took my first step, I noticed some wild flowers growing with the already over grown grass in the plant box and I step back to look at it. Tiny yellow daisy like flowers in bloom swaying with the wind. I fished out my Blackberry from my jacket pocket to take some photos, as I point and shoot I notice two bees moving from one flower to another drinking nectar from each one.

Carefully leaning closer I took a shot of the busy bee making sure I would not disturb it. I look around, I wonder where could be its hive? Never mind, I stayed for a while to watch in awe how it's foraging from flower to another. I watched it to my hearts content.

I went back to the changing room with the picture of the bees in my head. Did you know that the busiest of bees in the colony are worker bees and that workers bees are all infertile female. While its young, it will do all sorts of job in the hive before it becomes a worker bee. It is said that workers bees are at the last stage of their lives and will keep on working and foraging for the hive until it dies. Only worker bees sting and only when threatened. Once it sting someone, it is the end of it because the stinger will get stuck into the skin of the one stinged and it will cause the bees abdomen to rupture thus killing it.

These worker bees are like the women in our society. In my home country, predominantly women are the ones who go working overseas. In an article I read in Manila, the absence of women in families especially the mother is a recipe for trouble - troubled children and troubled marriages thus killing the smallest unit of the society that is the family. There is a bigger underlying problem about our people going abroad. It is the poor economic conditions and unless the economy accelerates or the population decelarate, our women and her family will be just like the worker bee.
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Saturday, June 23, 2012

A different perspective

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This photo was taken while we are on our way home from work along Business Bay road. Behind us as reflected in the car side mirror is the Dubai skyline and the setting sun.
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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Spathiphyllum Flower

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Finally my peace lily blossomed and as promised in my article a year ago about peace lilies, once it flowers, I will be sharing it with you guys and here it is, sooo pretty!

have a good weekend everyone!
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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Silhouette Photographs


I was experimenting on silhouette photographs, I used the light of the setting sun on all photos above following tips I have read. Well I think it does the trick and work well on my subjects.
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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sharjah Open Beach


somebody else did that castle above, fellow pinoys too (jims & arvin must be their names) we ask nicely if we can incorporate the sand castle in the shoot and they gladly agree, thanks guys

I took these photos in the middle of an engagement shoot.
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