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Evenings At Gloria Hotel Dubai: Spa + Dinner

I love a good massage. But what I like the most are the foot massage and a full body massage. My love for a good body massage started at home, with my mom. Whenever I am feeling under the weather or have an aching limb, my mom would heat up some oil, grill some calamansi (calamansi is a type of citrus fruit found in the Philippines) squeeze the juice of the calamansi into some warm oil, mix it and apply it all over my body before giving me the most comforting massage. It never fails to put me to sleep and just like magic, heals me. My mom lives miles away from me now and I don't have that luxury anymore. Good thing, we have plenty of spas in Dubai whom I can turn to when I need some pampering. The latest one I've tried was the one located at Gloria Hotel It's called  Dreamworks Spa !

Wellness Family Affair at Zen the spa

Before we headed to our month-long vacation to the Philippines at the end of July, Ferald and I went to take the kids at Zen the spa for a swim, yes for a swim and I kid you not. Zen the spa  located at Al Ghurair Rayhaan by Rotana in Deira is currently offering the  Wellness Family Affair  package for the whole family. For the price of AED 500 (AED 600 during weekends), your family gets a 60 minute aromatherapy massage OR a 60 minute facial for Mom, a 60 minute aromatherapy massage for Dad and swimming pool access for 2 kids Zen the spa Reception with water feature at the entrance minimalist Zen the spa waiting area The last couple of weeks before our much awaited vacation was busy and rather stressful as we try to finalize all our work before leaving. The kids on the other hand were both bored at home and so the whole family actually needed this quick break that Zen the spa offers. Our treatment started at 7 pm. After ensuring the kids are comfortable at