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Weekend Fillers

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Thank God Its Thursday. What are you gonna do this weekend?

I'd probably take my kids and my husband to the beach in the morning to soak up on some Vit. D which he lacks apparently. Attend the Friday mass in the afternoon and then watch some professional figure skaters at Dubai Mall Ice Rink skate their way for the win at the Dubai Golden Cup and our Saturdays will be very busy  with doctors and landlord visits.

Doing something interesting this weekend? Catch up with some breakfast inspiration from a lady from Oslo, Norway Iadafrosk, making breakfast a lot more fun especially for your kids.

Fancy learning a new language - sip on some Livemocha.

Who says losing weight is hard, its fun here at Blogilates, make sure you check out Transformation Tuesday

iPod, iPhone, iPad... iCar?

Happy weekend guys!

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Weekend Links

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Its almost weekend, have you planned already?

1. 30 Habits of Women Men Don't Get I agree that we women are complex and hard to fathom but definitely man have habits that we don't get either, shall we enumerate them? :)

2. 10 Annoying Things Men Do Ok this is not a battle but I am just being fair to men and to women.

Next topic pleaseeeee...

3. The smoke that thunders I love those rainbows and I miss to see them a lot. Whoaaa is it safe to mingle with those cats? Beautiful photos to stare at.

4. Everyday Food with Sarah Carey For ice cream without churn, perfect omellete for breakfast or glazed salmon for dinner watch Sarah Carey's videos - easy to cook meals. you can whip a salmon dish in barely 15 minutes

5. First Space Elevator - Being taken seriously by researchers and scientist. It is a thing of the future, to build one price estimates from $10 to $50 billion US Dollars

Happy weekend everyone!!!
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