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Dubai Zoo

My seven year old daughter Mica is very fond of animals, when she was younger, it was the animals names and sounds she learned first not to mention that she watches the movie of Jim Carey's Ace Ventura Pet Detective over and over again.There was a time when she keeps on insisting to become a Vet when she grows up. She also loves to visit the zoo, we have been in Dubai Zoo and Al Ain Zoo several times but whenever we think of going in Al Ain, the zoo must be the first stop or whenever she wants to see live animals, Dubai zoo is the nearest destination.

Curbing the cravings to see wild beasts, we head again in Dubai Zoo. I gave in to the request so we can open the window to the animal world for our new child as well, it will help stimulate the my sons imagination and he will get to be familiar with animals too. 

Dubai Zoo is located in Jumeirah. It spans to two kilometer stretch land housing approximately 230 animal species. Among these are around 248 mammal specimens, including foxes, hyenas, pumas, lions, jaguars, chimpanzees, baboons, monkeys, deer, bears, porcupines, giraffes and Barbary sheep. Endangered species include Socotra shag or cormorant, Bengal tiger, gorilla, subspecies of grey wolf and Arabian wolf, Siberian tiger, and the indigenous Gordon's wildcat. Bird include ostrich, golden eagle and parrots. Reptiles are represented by around 400 specimens. It is open 10am to 6 pm daily  and entrance is 2 AED.

In my opinion, 5 AED entrance fee will be fine for the improvement of the zoo and for enhanced animal conditions. News of relocation to a bigger place and redevelopment has been published (can't wait for that to happen, I am sure it is going to be big knowing Dubai). But for now comparing it to Al Ain Zoo, I guess the animals there are a lot happier with bigger cages and better habitat. But to sum it up, we still enjoyed the visit. Here are some photos to share.

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