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Palawan: 25+ Captivating Photos of Puerto Princesa

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When I look at my Instagram feed, I always scroll back to the part where I posted so many beautiful photos of Puerto Princesa, Palawan. I can't get over it. It was such an amazing place. I fell in love with it and can't help daydreaming about it over and over again.

I wasn't able to write about it though until now. I guess I was overwhelmed by its beauty. I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to give justice to it. Honestly, I think no one can. It is such a beautiful place and you know I'm not exaggerating. It's one of those places that you have to see even for at least once in your life.

Palawan has always been one of my dream destinations so when we had the chance to visit it last year, I never hesitated. It was such a wonderful experience for me and my family that it deserves to be written here. Of course, shared to all of you. Ultimately, for us to have an online diary of our trip.

Finally!!! Here are some of my favorite photos from our Palawan trip last year. It was taken using just our iPhones but still, they look beautiful. I hope you enjoy looking at these photos. I'll soon be writing separate posts about our trip in the coming weeks, so please do come back.
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