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multigrain goodness

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Multigrain bread topped with cream cheese smoked salmon and cucumber slice was my dinner last Friday night and my lunch for today.

We were at the supermarket last weekend for the much-needed grocery list when I pass by this multigrain bread. I flip the box to see which grain it is made of, it has whole grain rye, whole grain oat, barley, and millet. By the simple knowledge that multigrain is healthy, I toss it into the cart. Then I wonder what should I put for the toppings, I plan to have it for dinner so I mustn’t go home without the ingredients. I took the box again and just look at what’s on the photo, bought all the toppings. As soon as we get home I prepared it on a plate in less than 10 minutes and a minute later we were munching on them.

As usual, it is new to our taste buds but something I am very eager to try. Dad and Mica had one serving each and Prince and I continue to munch up to our heart's content, my little guy seemed to like it and helped me finish all of it up to the last bite.

It is best paired with fruit flavored tea or any tea you have at home. Very light but filling. To make it more guiltless, you can substitute the cheese with hummus or any other healthier spread you can think of. The result would be just the same, it tastes good.

I googled FINN CRISP and I discover more amazing recipes for this healthy bread.
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