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Sunday, October 13, 2013

A glimpse of nature in my kitchen window

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"Even the tiniest glimpse of nature deliver a psychological boost"

Three months ago we had a surprise at home when a pair of birds started nesting in our kitchen window. They have chosen to build their nest in the plant pot I have placed there. Since then, we only open the kitchen window to water the plant and only when it is not in the nest. Don't want to disturb and nesting bird. From time to time the daddy bird comes to bring dried twigs to put in the nest or comes to get mama bird probably to eat. 

Three months passed and still the nest is egg-less. Can't wait to see eggs in it. For now we are contented to see the bird still in its nest and we stay as protector and observers of natures process. Just recently, the nest was threatened by pests that attack the plant in the adjacent pot and the birds did not come to its nest for three days. When I noticed the problem, I prune the part of the plant that has the pest and wash it in running water to completely remove the remaining pest in it. Later on the pests are gone and the birds are back. 
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