Bucket List

I wrote a bucket list before but for some reason, I deleted it. I'm writing it again as a reminder of the things I'd like to do, places I'd like to visit and goals I'd like to achieve.

Here are some of the few things I want and hopefully will be able to fulfill one at a time.

Places to Visit
1. Jordan
2. Turkey
3. El Nido & Coron Palawan
4. Bohol
5. Maldives

Things to Do in Dubai
1. Sky Diving-Tandem Jump at Sky Dive Dubai over The Palm Islands
2. Ride a hot air balloon
3. Watch the sunrise from the tallest building in the word, the Burj Khalifa

Life Goals (long and short term)
1. Achieve my ideal weight this year and maintain it
2. Invest in property back home (I still want that dream house and farm)

It is a short list for now. I'll update as and when I have something in mind.

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