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Hi I'm Carla, a lifestyle blogger based in Dubai who's thankful to call this ever evolving city my second home.The pages of this blog are filled with stories about me, our family, our expat life, and our dining and travel adventures in and around the city. It also features food recipes, restaurant reviews, parenting tips, all things about Dubai and tutorials.

My Yellow Bells Beginnings
I came to Dubai in December 2002 but started blogging in August 2009. The last seven years was amazing, I landed in Dubai and reunited with my immediate family, got a good job, met the man I will live with the rest of my life, got married, had our first baby and explored all the corners of UAE. I cannot asks for more but you know how expat life can be boring at times when you've been doing the same things over and over again. It was when I felt that my life was slowly slipping into monotony so I needed something to break free hence My Yellow Bells was born. I write just to empty my mind, to relieve stress and escape boredom back then. It somehow helped me keep my sanity and it gave me the satisfaction I was looking for.

5 years later...
My Yellow Bells is still here and we are still in the UAE. I am now a full pledge blogger and a mother of two. So far there are 380 post in this blog. It's not a lot if you consider the time it's online, I blog whenever I can because I'm also a full time employee, a mother and a wife so I need to keep the balance. My Yellow Bells became my constant outlet to express myself, it flourished the way I never thought it would. I make new friends online and met some of them personally. MYB has open new doors for me and I am truly grateful.

Thank you for visiting My Yellow Bells and hope to see you back soon. Please feel free to leave a comment so I would know you were here. I would love to visit your blog or reply to your message. It is because of you why this blog is still online, it's you who's actually keeping it alive. thank you in all the languages!

Should you wish to contact me privately, you can drop me an e-mail at
carlaroque.dxb (at) gmail (dot) com

you can also find me on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Bloglovin, and Instagram