Thursday, August 13, 2009

One Special Day

I turned twenty eight yesterday and I would like to take this opportunity to thank first of all God for giving me another wonderful year and to the people who celebrated this day with me, my collegues at work, my loyal friends and most of all my family. Thanks to my office buddies for the tiramisu cake hmm yum, to all my friends for the never ending birthday messages and greetings and to my family for the gift that I have always wanted but did not bother to buy. As they say two years more and I will be out of the calendar, oh yes but since July is my birthday and July has thirty one on it its going to be three more years before I step out of the calendar. That sounds good. To Ms. JO thank you so much.
I love birthdays, it reminds us/me how special and unique we are. People around us will make all the effort to make us feel special and loved even for one day of the three hundred sixty five days of the year and even the person you hate the most in your place will come and give you a hug. Isn't it nice huh? Thats not all, I love birthdays because of all the gifts you can get, I am not so materialistic but lets face it everyone wants to receive a gift on their birthdays, dont you?
I am not a big fan of perfumes but I like the scent of Alien a lot. It is sexy and the bottle looks so elegant. Thanks F.

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