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Enlarged Heart

I started google-ling about enlarged hearts. It is a scary read. I dont want to think about it so I stopped. I can't just sit and wait so I called my mom. She's at my sister-in-laws place. They just checked out of the hospital, my nephew did not want to be confined, the doctor agree to discharged him fearing that his urge to go home and if not allowed might shoot his BP high. Now his back home and resting. Everyone in the family expected to be by his side are there with him. Both the Lolas are there too. Thanks God.

Ayun, pinagsabihan ko rin sabi ko bata pa cya for that kind of heart ailment, my sweet Jesus, di ko maiwasan maluha nung kinausap ko cya, unang pamangkin kasi namin cya at mahal na mahal namin ang batang yan. Sabi ng doctor may konting taba na bumbalot sa heart and mabagal magpump ng blood ang heart nya.

Please include him in your prayers, I hope na tuluyan macure ang heart ailment ng pamangking ko.

Love you Dhin!