Hearty Breakfast

Many of us forget that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. We have so many reasons why we skip breakfast, late for work, I am not used to it, I get stomach upset and a lot more. It needs consistent practice for us to get used to it. Time is also important since you have to wake up early in the morning to cook and eat your breakfast. Sometimes when more sleep is needed, even I skip breakfast but I try to have it in the office for at least five minutes, grab a sandwich or a muffin somewhere to fill my tummy.

I have a grade school daughter at home. She's the one who must eat breakfast in order to perform better in school. Usually, I serve traditional Filipino breakfast to her but on weekends, I intend to be a little bit more creative when serving food to my family. Sometimes it gets boring when you put the same old home cooked meals on the table. I also make sure that they get all the nutrients they need most especially my daughter L.

She is five and her growing years is what's most important for me. When it comes to our little angel, I wanted to be an extra special mom. The light in her eyes and her praises fills my heart with happiness no one can ever imagine. I wanted to post this last Valentine's Day but I only have the time to do it today. The one in the first picture is for her and the second one is for me partnered with a steaming hot cup of coffee. It was perfect.

I was able to get this heart-shape waffle because I have a waffle maker, in case you don't have one, (bili ka! JK) You can opt for a much simple round shape waffle, just like pancakes, use a little of your creativity and imagination, add some fruits on top, butter maybe, jam is a good substitute or fried eggs will do the trick, add tea and coffee to your table and you'll have a wonderful hearty breakfast.

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  1. Buti na lang kasalukuyan akong nagbebreakfast dito sa office, at hindi ako ginutom ng post mo :D

  2. Yummy! It will be nice with a cup of tea. Bawal sa akin ang kape eh hahaha.

    Love to see the heart shape waffle.Mas masarap tingnan yung may banana toppings.

    The best to do right now is to leave your blog and look for something to munch :)

  3. Carla nakkagutom nmn tong blog mo hehe. Gusto ko ng saging, itlog na pula, at bagoong pero not together hehe. ilang months ka na?

    Thanks for dropping by my blog. ;)

  4. @Lord: wow buti nagbrebreakfast ka mostly kasi ng mga lalaki na kilala ko most of them skip breakfast.

    @Misalyn: bakit bawal? naku nagutom ka ba?

    @ Marhreez: sarap nga ng itlog na pula lalo na sa puto at bibingka. OMG puro food pinauusapan natin.

  5. ako gigising ng 6am aalis ng 6:20 am to catch the train to work, dadaan ng boulangerie(panaderya in french) grab a croissant,munch munch munch, then pagdating sa employer's, timpla kape lagok ng tubig.

    Oks na yun.

    At ten am, dampot ng saging sa fruit basket ni bossing, (allowed ako) then back to work na naman, at 11:00 sige na naman drink ng whatever, basta no alcohol,

    at 12:00 lunch time.not complicated.

    Pano mo ginawa yung heart shape waffle?

  6. i have a waffle maker and thats the shape of it.

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