Napilitang Bayani Ba Ako?

Ang article ito ay sagot sa tanong ni Nebz sa kanyang entry na "Bayaning napilitan ka nga ba?"

Napaisip tuloy ako. What do you mean when you say napiliting bayani? Literally, napilitang bayani talaga ako?

When my sister gave me an ultimatum na pag hindi pa ako nag-ayos ng passport ko, she will not stash cash to bring me to Dubai. Eh buong family namin at that time nandito na. While I am enjoying my freedom in the Philippines hehehe :). Wala akong nagawa kundi sumunod. Of course I also wanted to live with my family and be with them. Medyo lugi nga lang ang kapatid ko kasi after landing a job here in Dubai, pagkatapos lng ng ilang buwan, nag-asawa na ako. It was difficult at the beginning but they've accepted it later on. Wala na naman kasi sila magagawa, nandiyan na yan.

Bayani? Up to now it is still vague to me what is the real meaning of bayani when you use it to define an OFW. Ang concept ko kasi ng bayani ay yung sinauna pa. Ung pang kina Dr. Jose Rizal pa at Andress Bonifacio.

Kidding aside, I have been in Dubai for over seven years now and hindi ko pa naranasang bumoto as OAV. Kapag kasi ibinalita sa Balitang Middle East, tapos na ang registration (sisihin ba ang media?). Sa totoo lang di naman talaga ako nage-effort na malaman kung kelan ang simula at hanggang kailan ang registration kaya hindi kami nakakapagpa-register ng asawa ko. Hindi ko rin alam baka mamaya may gumagamit ng pangalan ko sa Pilipinas para bumoto. I am not saying na proud ako (dahil I am not), na hindi ko ginagawa ang tungkulin ko bilang isang Pilipino. Ang gamitin ang aking karapatan upang magkaroon ng pagbabago ang aking inang bayan but "what to do yanih" tapos na po ang registration and there is no way to register. All I ca can do now is to serve as a watchdog, kung ano ang mangyayari sa May 2010 Elections.

Magsusuri pa rin ng mga kakandedato at aalamin kung sino ang karapat dapat. Eh sino nga ba sa tingin nyo ang karapat dapat? Sa hinaba-haba ng election history sa Pilipinas wala pa akong nakitang Presidente na nakapagpaangat ng ekonomiya ng bansa.

According to Wikipedia, since the end of World War II, the country's economy starts to deteriorate from one regime to another. However I have noticed that who ever supplied this information to Wiki about GMA is somewhat biased, as it is evidently showing growth during her administration while a slowdown during the past administrations. I am not an economist nor a financial analyst but by just looking at the numbers, I can easily understand that the Philippines, despite all efforts, is going down the drain, behind all other emerging South East Asian countries.

In case I was able to register and vote on May 2010 Elections, I still have to wait and see if something will change. Kung si Noynoy ba ang manalo, will he be able to raise the lifestyle of the poverty stricken Filipinos? Kung si Villar, will he be able to give decent homes to many? I don't know but as an OFW, I will do my share. I'll keep sending cash to the Philippines para makadagdag sa annual OFW remittances na malaking tulong para sa ating bansa.

Does that make me a Hero? I don't think so.

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  1. No, it doesn't make you a hero. But your remittance will surely shore-up and somewhat prolong the floatation of our slowly sinking economy.

  2. then how come OFWs are tagged as modern day hero? maybe only for their family and not for the country as a whole. the govt gave us this title just to gratify our feelings and that we are only important because we keep the economy afloat. then you are rigth with your article "Moooo are the OFWs"

  3. i have high respect for those who give their utmost priority to their family; likewise to pinoys who work hard here and abroad for the welfare of their kid/s.

    my parents and relatives are mostly OFWs -retired and at present. i with my wife also dream of working abroad, not to leave the country primarily but God willing, try to earn, save, do a little travel (which we love doing if chance permits) and give back eventually.

    i can't help but ask why the country is still considered 3rd world despite the fact of efforts exerted by our countrymen here and abroad. i may continue but it may eat up your space here...hats off to all OFWs!

    PS : thanks for the link. i've also done the same to your site in my blogroll. =)

  4. Forget about OAV and politics, these issues should never distort the greatness of each OFWs.

    It has been written all over the blogs, in newspapers and even documented in television the contributions of the OFWs is sustaining our economy which has been dependent in our remittances, the OFWs have raised and maintained the global professional standards in the fields of medical care, customer services, engineering, computer and technology and entertainments - imagine a world without OFWs.

    Let us be proud of our race, let us be proud to be an OFW.

  5. I cannot trust any pliticians anymore in phils.

    If an OFW got a chance to bring all her family abroad, do so, para hindi na tayo mag papadala ng pera sa bansa.
    Thats me ha.
    I been an enterpreneur in Phils, i pay taxes, but the road I am walking still no improvment. The brownouts the no water no internet no telephone service, cuts my profit, and I spend thousands of euros to give work to co filipinos to keep living.
    The govt didnt even give a damn.
    And I send money also to my family, the govt didnt ameliorate their lives. Haayyyz

    I could have invest my money in a bank here in France, it could have been grow like bacteria in french cheese camembert.

    Ewan, personally, when I compare the phils progress to france, it is a loooong wait.
    I get fed up.

  6. nakakalungkot isipin sapagkat, patuloy pa rin tayong napapaniwala sa pampalubag loob na 'ang ofw ay bayani o bagong bayani'

    maitatanong nga ay 'paano mo ba malalaman kung ang isang tao ay bayani?' - mayroon bang pamantayan ang ating batas tungkol dito?

    binanggit ko na 'pampalubag loob'sapagkat kita naman natin kung paano ibenta ng pamahalaan ang kanyang sariling mamamayan. tingnan/basahin n'yo na lang ang administrative order 247 (AO 247) ni PGMA. mapapansin ninyong parang produktong walang habas na ikinakalakal ang mga pinoy sa ibang bansa.

    may pag-aaral din na ginawa si Arcinas, isang dalubahasang taga-DLSU tungkol sa 'feminisasyon ng migrasyon' - [ang mag-ina sa panahon ng feminisasyon ng lakas pagggawa]. nakita niyang kababaihan ang nakararami sa populasyon ng mga ofw at tinukoy din niya ang dulot nito sa pamilyang pinoy...ang dulot sa batang babae kapag lumaki siyang hindi kasama ang ina.

    bilang karagdagan, sinaliksik din ni Pernia, isang dalubhasa na taga-UP, ang dulot ng Labor Export Policy ng pamahalaan. Saliksikin n'yo na lang ang kanyang "Is Labor Export Good Development Policy?".

    ngayon, maitatanong ko tuloy [para sa pangmalawakan at pangmatagalang pagtingin],tayo nga ba ay mga 'bayani' o 'biktima' ng paurong na polisiya ng ating pamahalaan?

    para sa mas mahaba-habang pakikipagtalakayan, ako po ay maaaring makaugnayan sa

    salamat kay yellow bells.

  7. Di na intindihan ng IBA kung paano naging Bayani ang OFW.

    Naging bayani ang OFW dahil sa Dolar remmitance nit to the Philippines. Kung walang OFW, matagal ng gumapang sa hirap ang Pilipinas. naging dependnent ang Philippine Economy sa OFW dolar remitance. di lang sila naging bayani sa Family nila kundi sa Buong Pilipinas.

    Halos di na kakayanin ng Pilipins na umasa sa export product para maki compete sa global market pero dahil sa OFW, dami ng Dollars pumapasok sa Pilipinas at naging matataga ang Pilipinas.

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