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Gym at my building

Ever since we moved into our apartment last 2009, I have not paid attention to the gym facility that is just right on top of our flat. It lies there waiting for health enthusiast to take advantage of the benefits that the exercise machines can bring to the one seeking to get fit. What I used to do was to complain about the people who use the facility very early in the morning and very late at night as we can overhear the noise of dumbbells plummet on the floor. We even hear the sound of chains being drag on the floor at midnight that makes us conclude that there is a ghost hunting the place. With this in mind, the more I cannot stay there on my own. The end result, I don’t use the gym at all but I don’t blame the phantom for not having the heart and motivation to exploit the facility until my sister-in-law encourages me and the rest of our flat mates to move our butt and stop sitting on the couch. I finally dropped all the idea of the phantom and I valiantly head to the gym, from th

Dora the Explorer and Spongebob Squarepants staged shows in Dubai

Dora the Explorer is one of my daughters favorite children TV show aired on e-junior TV Channel 2 here in Dubai. It became her morning alarm during school days as she wakes up to the tune of Dora the Explorers theme song. During the recent Dubai Summer Surprises , Dora, the Latina heroine staged an exciting musical adventure with her best friend Boots in Dora The Explorer show at Mirdif City Centre last July 6 to July 21. We were only able to see the show on July 16, during the weekends.  All the kids including my daughter patiently waited for Dora and her friends to come out on the stage, the kids faces are in awe to see their favorite TV character perform live.

Diabetes Management during Ramadan

I was reading the August 2010 issue of Centerpoint Priveleges magazine and I can't help not to share this timely article published about diabetes management during the fasting month. I am willing to spread the news for the benefit of those who fast as well as those who don't but are diabetic patients and of their family. It is good to know that something can be done to avoid unlikely situations.