Sunday, November 28, 2010

Flaws of Perfection

The certainty on the perfection diminishes
The fact that no one is to admit the case
Cheated is the word when the witnesses are mute
The system is a rock that cannot be moved
Nor melted by the water from the windows of the soul
Keep hiding the flaws of perfection

What a perfect time to throw hefty amount of patience
The simplest blunder that doesn’t deserve it
The only cure is hibernation to calm the restless
But not to eliminate the disease
Prior to that is a magnitude endeavor
Exploiting the depths of a human heart

Stirred of the whirlpool that pours beneath
Femme fatal dangerous and coercive
Consign to benevolence with fervor
Virtue engraved in the sands of time
May or may not

Written by: Yellow Bells
28/11/2010 15:30 Dubai, UAE
Inspired by Femme Fatal

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