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Julie and Joseph Baby Shower Party (Part II)

We arrive at Julie and Joseph's house and rang the doorbell. The door opened and we went in, ang daming bisita (lots of guests), I scan the people and see familiar faces, there's Joseph and then Julie and then Maan. I felt very excited.

Joseph was my high school classmate and Julie was his longtime girlfriend, both of them are member/officer of the Military Police (MP) of the school while Maan is Joseph's cousin who was then a junior student and a member of the music family where I also belong. This meeting was important for me because I rarely meet up with old friends since I went to work in Dubai and if I remember it right, it was only on Facebook that I learned Joseph and other old friends are here as well.

Back at the baby shower party, it is such a fun event and honestly, it's my first time to attend a party with this theme.

The couple will name their angle SAMANTHA JULIANNE, very feminine, I googled the meaning and etymology of both names - Samantha Julianne. She is now eight months expecting to pop come January 2011. With the permission of her mom, I present to you, Samantha Julianne...

Oops! Guys let's keep the excitement at bay for the meantime until we see her in person after all January is just a month away, a little party here and there for Christmas and New Year, we will be welcoming our friends' new bundle of joy.

As per Julie, it wasn't hard to plan and prepare the baby shower party after all the help she gets from his ever loving partner and closest of friends. Two days was enough for them to buy all the materials for the games and giveaways, decorate the house, send the invites, and most specially cook the food

We enjoyed the Baby Bingo even though it was the only game we played. Apart from that, they played a lot of games like...

Fastest Drinker- baby bottles full of Laban (yogurt drink)

Baby Dress Relay

Other games played were baby name guessing game, guess the tummy size, don't say the word baby game, know the wife and the husband game, baby treasure box guessing game and a lot more. I did enjoy the Baby Bingo a lot.

When it comes to ideas, the gals and guys of Julie's baby shower party has plenty of it, they even thought of sticking a pink backdrop for photo shoots as well as masks and other accessories to wear to make it more lively and fun.

Aren't they pretty?

We tried it on too

Baby shower dates back the most ancient times. According to my research evidence suggest that mothers got together to give new parents items they would need for their new child. Often these were items that had been used by their own children or what we call nowadays as hand-me-downs but basically, the purpose of these events was to help prepare parents for the birth of a new child.

Later on, as the event evolves, it became associated with entertaining the soon to be mom. In Victorian times, new moms are sequestered with their infants for one month and were said to be pretty lonesome which is no longer true today as we all feel that having a baby is such a joy and staying with her gives us happiness and feeling of fulfillment.

Baby shower is for the wealthiest families only until the World War II, after things change and more people afford to throw a baby shower party as family income increases. At this time the baby shower purpose is to bring the family of both parents together and to remember that a new bundle of joy is on its way and it is definitely the best time to throw a party.

Julie and Joseph live to the true meaning of baby shower and even though not all of their family members are present because they are both here in UAE and miles away from them, they are still able to reunite friends and few loved ones. Those of us who brought presents which are not really hand-me-downs will help the couple to have the necessary things they need during the first few months of their angle Sam.

I have given birth twice and having to see your child for the very first time is always a different high. The feeling of having to meet the newborn is a priceless moment in the lives of new parents.

To Julie and Joseph, my family and I wish you a safe delivery and a very healthy baby girl