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In Darts, We Unite!

In Darts, We Unite! 5 is the number of years F. stop from hitting the bulls eye after receiving his last trophy. There are many reasons why he stopped playing darts, one of them was when three trophies were forfeited by the club he was in, they reasoned out to him why it was not awarded and he just let them go away like that, he didn't want to argue anymore. So with a heavy heart he packed his pins and forget about it for five years not literally of course he still play at home and during tournaments. I was upset but I respect his decision. If it was me, I would not let them take away my passion but that was just me not him. Mang B .,   F's fellow darter back then, usually contacts him if there are tournaments, this man never gave up on him and he is a firm believer of F's. talent and skills in darts. Mang B., a respected member of the Filipino community is in his fifties and lived and worked in Dubai for many years now, he also got tired of the non-Filipino darters in

Re-Discovering Al Ain Part II

Hello there and Salam to everyone. I'm back after a long halt here. This is a continuation of our trip to Al Ain last December 2, 2010. These are my favorites among the display we have seen at Al Ain Museum, an 18th-century armor and a bucket of coin minted in the 17th century. After Al Ain Museum, we headed to Al Ain Wildlife Park and Resort,  also known as Al Ain Zoo. We are here to see the white lions of Sambona or African lions, well I have never seen a white lion before so I am excited as a child. AWPR  is committed to protect and preserve these stunning endangered wildlife that's is why they are here in their new home. Are you familiar with meerkat or suricate Suricata Suricatta member of the mongoose family? During my previous visits at Al Ain Zoo, these social mammals are not there yet and I think that they are a new addition to the growing number of zoo animals. They became one of my favorite animals after I have seen a documentary about them

Heavy Rain Lashes Dubai!

When we say Middle East, it is usually hot and dry and some people are asking whether it is raining in this part of the world. The answer is yes of course but not all the time , maybe once, twice or three times during winter. Those of us who are used to rainy weather like the Philippines misses rain so much that's why when it rains, we are among the happiest people around here. Once we captured in video, the rain coming from the Northern Emirates towards Dubai and the video here in the post is what I am talking about. Happy winter everyone , let us enjoy it while it last.

Re-discovering Al Ain

Al-Ain is a beautiful emirate and we have visited it a lot of times already. During our previous trips, we visited Al Ain Wild Life Park and Zoo, The Green Mubazzarah and the Top of Jebel Hafeet. This time around we planned to see other tourist destinations such as Hili Archaeological Park, Al Ain Oasis and Al Ain Museum but of course, we wouldn't want to miss the ones that we have seen before, our trip will never be complete if we were unable to visit those famous places again. It was UAE National Day when we hit the Dubai-Al Ain highway. It was a holiday so the road is free flowing and I am happy that it was accident-free as well. On our way, we stop by the gas station to load up on fuel (long drive ulit) about 120 km from Dubai to Al Ain. A group of Dubai Bikers is on their way to Hatta, Oman. I read it in the news earlier this week that they are doing this for a cause. Oh man, they really have beautiful and expensive bikes! We reached Al Ain by 12 noon and we didn&#

My 2010 Facebook Status!

Who doesn't know Facebook?... probably even the youngest of us know what FB is all about, it's a great social networking site everyone LOVES, some are even addicted to it ^_^ . The best thing I like about Facebook is I am able connect with family and friends in real time , the second best thing I like about Facebook is the apps like this one below..a summary of all my status during 2010, I get back to each one and read what I wrote and try to remember the reason why I have written those lines and shared it with everyone. It is good to know that I have shared only the good ones, not the ones that makes a lot of trouble, that I keep to myself, the happy ones is what I'd like to share publicly.