China Sea at Al Maktoum Road on a Chinese New Year

Prince turned ten months last February six and as usual either we celebrate it by having to order food delivered at home or dine-in in a restaurant. At the same time I was craving for some hot and sour soup and the best place to have it is at our favorite China Dragon restaurant located behind Ramada Continental Hotel in Deira (in Al Mamzar) the same building of Sevan bakery.

When we get there, the lights of the Chinese lanterns that adorn the facade of the restaurant was switched off and a post at the door says close for two days in celebration of the Chinese New Year. :( A friend suggested that we head towards Al Maktoum Road in Deira where another Chinese Restaurant is located. :) We drove all the way to Al Maktoum road and we are delighted to see that the lights are on and was quite crowded with mix nationalities having dinner. We are lucky to find a parking spot behind the restaurant, although it is a paid parking and not of the restaurants

We asked for a table for five and we were directed by a Chinese waiter into a round table. It took time for someone to give us the menu. We are clueless of what to order and we are just looking at the food on the next table. We gave our orders and since it was our first time to dine at China Sea, we had to play safe, we ordered those that we are most familiar with, the typical Chinese food. I had hot and sour soup and the rest of them had corn soup, maybe I set my expectations too high because I did not like the soup much. I gave them another shot since we ordered something else. The shrimp dumplings are fantastic, it was perfectly cook in a bamboo steamer, the only thing I notice was there was no dumplings paper underneath the dumplings in between the bamboo, maybe they missed to place one, guess it would have been better if the paper is there for heigenic and food presentation purposes.

We had some chicken spring rolls and duck served with pancake (my favorite)

Some egg fried rice and mixed noodles to go with our crispy duck and sweet and sour chicken

We actually ordered a whole duck but since only the meat is served with the pancake, the rest of the carcass with some remaining meat on it was marinated and deep fried and it was not bad, still very tasty. My daughter loves the sweet and sour chicken and we needed to order one more for take-away, she asked to have it for her packed lunch at school.

All these are for only 215 AED and the food was great and I wouldn't mind recommending the restaurant to my friends and sure we will not hesitate to come back at China Sea next time. Timeout Dubai named it as best independent Chinese restaurant in 2009 and highly commended Chinese restaurant for two consecutive years from 2009 and 2010. It was also awarded as best budget, I cannot deny the fact that they serve fresh and authentic Chinese food at low cost, very affordable.

It was Chinese New Year and I have noticed that there is a big statue of Buddha with fruit offerings next to it.

The facade of China Sea is bright red at this time as well.

Definitely we will give it another try and when we come next time I want to order some steamed crabs and lobster which are fresh from the aquariums they maintained themselves just right next to the entrance on the left side. I would love to see the live cooking station too and the fresh noodle pulling, actually I want to try it. :)

Happy eating everyone!
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On Bronchiolitis and American Hospital Dubai

The moment I heard a wheezing sound from my 10 months old son, I knew that there is something wrong with him but it never came to me that it was something serious as bronchiolitis.

My daughter had the same wheezing sound a week ago and the doctor from Welcare Hospital put her under a nebulizer and prescribe some Ventolin syrup to be taken once a day for five days as well as some antibiotics. The doctor did not explain completely what was causing the wheezing sound, she only ask questions like "is your child going to school?", "is this the first time she is wheezing?", "is there anyone in the family who have asthma?", I answered YES twice and a NO to her questions. She wrote her prescriptions while my daughter was on nebulizer and gave it to us when she finished and send us home.

A week past and just four days after Prince baptism we heard him wheezing and knew that we need to take him immediately to the doctor. We rushed him to Urgent Care of the American Hospital Dubai. It was busy, quite a few patients mostly infants and kids came before us. We have to wait for more than half an hour to see the doctor. When we were called, the doctor face was familiar, she was the same doctor who checked on Prince the first time we visited this hospital. After seeing Prince, she ask us a few questions and then told us that she need him to be admitted and must be put under observation. I knew it, like a mothers instinct, there is something serious going on. Me and husband did not hesitate, my daughter who was with us was so dead worried about her younger brother and a bit scared. I did everything to assure her that he is going to be fine and that the doctors will take good care of him. We immediately decided to have him be confined, we don't want take chances, we want to be sure that he will get well soon and get the necessary treatment he needs.

The reception attendant processed all the paper needed for confinement. He handed me some papers to sign and the calling card of the physician, he was kind and assured us that they will take good care of my son especially that it is the head of the pediatrics Dr. Abeer Khayat MD FAAP who will look after Prince.

It is a nightmare to see children being hospitalized especially if it is your child, I guess my daughter is tougher than her sibling as she had never been to any serious medical emergencies before. They run a series of test immediately, he had a chest x-ray, they took some blood for hematology and extract sputum from his lungs for viral testing (pls don't ask me how they collect it-my heart is melting while holding him as they do the extraction, poor little baby). They put him on nebulizer every four hours, antibiotics and continuously observe his oxygen level.

Bronchiolitis is swelling and mucus buildup in the smallest air passage in the lungs (bronchioles) usually to viral infection which can be transmitted by direct contact with nasal fluids or by airborne droplets, adults can have mild symptoms but for infants it can cause severe illness and my son is only 10 months old. As per the doctor, my daughter must have gotten the virus from school then past it on to his brother. After hearing this, I realized that she is right since Mica had the same problem a week before.

The nurses on evening shift at the pediatric ward of the American Hospital were very kind and gentle. They take good care of us a lot during our stay. They make sure that Prince is comfortable at all times. They keep on checking if everything is alright and if we needed anything. The room was complete with medical equipments, it is clean and smell sanitized. There is a cable tv and a telephone for outgoing calls, has its own toilet and bath too. Moreover, the food served was gourmet and not the sterotyped hospital food. We spent ovenight  at the hospital and was discharged in the afternoon the following day, Prince show signs of getting well as he started to become active again even if sometimes he has to slow down to catch his breath. We were very happy to see him this way. Now he is on ventolin inhalers and have a follow up check up on Saturday. Hopefully he will be cleared of all the virus after his medications.

Health is always our main concern, I know also for everyone and I am thankful that we are covered by my husbands insurance. Before we were discharged from the hospital, Ferald was ask to settle everything at the cashier, we double checked with the nurse whether everything will be covered by the insurance and thanks God it was all covered but my eyes widened when I saw the hospital bill, it was way too expensive and I thought to myself what if we don't have an insurance, how can we afford to pay such big amounts. Then lovingly I hug and kissed my son and I told him to promised mommy that this is the last time he will enter the hospital (partly because of the expenses but ) mainly because I cannot see him again in such conditions. It killing me.

For more info on bronchiolitis click here.
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Welcoming Prince in to Christianity!

We are beaming with happiness that the baptism of our second child and only son is now over and turned out to be very successful. He is now a Christian with the blessings from God and the Holy Catholic Church.

The enormous amount of effort we have exerted to put up the party without resorting to any party planners went really well considering that the reception was held at our residence with a very limited space. My husband and I tried to make the party exclusive to family and relatives and a few very close friends only. Posing as the party planner, I make sure that all goes well. A week prior to the baptism, my husband and I attended the baptism seminar given by St. Mary’s Church in Dubai. It is mandatory for parents and godparents to attend the seminar prior to the Baptism of the child. The baptism guide booklet and form to be filled and submitted on the day of the baptism is being distributed at this time before the seminar starts.

I made a list of the party details to be sure I cover everything. I start with the baptism invites, souvenir tags and the party banner which I prepared using PowerPoint presentation. There are a lot of DIY and free printable templates over the Internet and it help me a lot in making them. We purchase the souvenirs in Sharjah and we made a very good deal for 20 pieces of a blue ceramic baby lying on his tummy on a pillow, we managed to attach the tags by tying it on with a blue ribbon.

I also write down guest names whom we want to partake in this special occasion. Some of the godparents are not in UAE and a few of them are here and was notified that they will be one of Prince godparents. To save some cash and in order not to print any invitations anymore, I upload it to Facebook and tag everyone who’s invited apart from the personal calls we made. I also thought of the decorations so I bought some blue balloons, blue and purple ribbons and even the table cover I purchase was blue to compliment everything. The candles which will be used on the church were wrapped in blue ribbons as well. For Prince, we got him an all white clothes and shoes.

The food of course is our next priority which is pure Pinoy except for the fish biryani we received as gift from my sister-in-laws friend. At first we look at the possibility of hiring a catering service which definitely will cost more but  in the end after so much consideration, we decided that the food are better off home cooked. To avoid too much work on the day itself, I had the other dishes pre-marinated like the b-b-q and the menudo while the filling for the lumpiang shanghai was also prepared and mixed ready to be wrapped then deep fried. The leche flan dessert was steamed and cooked 2 days ahead.

The time I have is just enough for the preparation however an announcement from my daughters school came out and it happen to be that her annual sports day is scheduled on the same day of Prince Baptism. It was a sigh of relief that it is in the morning because we cannot afford changing dates anymore.

Baptism at Mary's Church is every Thursday at 4pm. We left the house at 3:30 pm and reached the church before 4 o'clock, we are still early since the actuall rites starts at 4:30 pm. There are at least 10-12 babies to be baptised with different nationalities and it was Rev. Fr. Tomasito B. Veneracion OFM CAP who facilitated the baptism rites.

This time I would like to thank eveyone who made this occassion very meaningful and successful. To all our friends, relatives and family, thank you. To my son Prince, we welcome you in to the Christian world and may you embrace your religion as you are embracing God the father.
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Slimming Coffee or KILLER Coffee? Better Safe Than Sorry!


Better safe than SORRY!

I was waiting for four boxes of slimming coffee from the Philippines, I have consumed two boxes of the same coffee about three or four months ago and as promised I lost almost five kilo. Too good to be true? I know but it happened to me that's why I can't wait for it to come and I have been asking for updates from a friend whose relative is coming to Dubai if he is able to bring it for me.

That thought was a day ago before I stumble upon an article the next day of which says "Slimming Coffee or KILLER Coffee?" I had goosebumps with the word killer capitalized by Bang. I thought to myself this is not the coffee I took months back but I continue reading the article with doubts that it might be the same coffee because I heard that this brand is the most popular in the Philippines. When I scroll down the page, I saw a photo of the same box and sachets I used to tear every morning for about 24 days that actually help me loose the extra baby weight.

This is not good, with so much interest I read the whole article including all its comments and believed me people are like in a debate, some favoring the coffee and many thanking the author of what she claimed to be the "accidental discovery."

With friends testimonials that it really works and with me desperate to trim the extra baby weight, I become complacent and ignore the dangers that might be present in the coffee which according to my research before I even started drinking it, that this kind of slimming coffee present in the market might contain traces of Sibutramine which was withdrawn in the market by US, UK, EU, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong and Thailand. Sibutramine is an oral anorexiant or in simple terms it suppresses the apetite.

True or not that this coffee is a killer, which this days effect is still favorable but who knows it might bring lots of sickness when I get older like cancer for example, the fact that I did not lay my hands on it ever again, I'd rather have that 5K run once more to lose weight and get toned muscles instead of having a fab body and become ill in my olden days. As they say prevention is the cure and it is always better safe than sorry.
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