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China Sea at Al Maktoum Road on a Chinese New Year

Prince turned ten months last February six and as usual either we celebrate it by having to order food delivered at home or dine-in in a restaurant. At the same time I was craving for some hot and sour soup and the best place to have it is at our favorite China Dragon restaurant located behind Ramada Continental Hotel in Deira (in Al Mamzar) the same building of Sevan bakery. When we get there, the lights of the Chinese lanterns that adorn the facade of the restaurant was switched off and a post at the door says close for two days in celebration of the Chinese New Year. :( A friend suggested that we head towards Al Maktoum Road in Deira where another Chinese Restaurant is located. :) We drove all the way to Al Maktoum road and we are delighted to see that the lights are on and was quite crowded with mix nationalities having dinner. We are lucky to find a parking spot behind the restaurant, although it is a paid parking and not of the restaurants We asked for a table for five and w

On Bronchiolitis and American Hospital Dubai

The moment I heard a wheezing sound from my 10 months old son, I knew that there is something wrong with him but it never came to me that it was something serious as bronchiolitis. My daughter had the same wheezing sound a week ago and the doctor from Welcare Hospital put her under a nebulizer and prescribe some Ventolin syrup to be taken once a day for five days as well as some antibiotics. The doctor did not explain completely what was causing the wheezing sound, she only ask questions like "is your child going to school?", "is this the first time she is wheezing?", "is there anyone in the family who have asthma?", I answered YES twice and a NO to her questions. She wrote her prescriptions while my daughter was on nebulizer and gave it to us when she finished and send us home. A week past and just four days after Prince baptism  we heard him wheezing and knew that we need to take him immediately to the doctor. We rushed him to Urgent Care of the Ame

Welcoming Prince in to Christianity!

We are beaming with happiness that the baptism of our second child and only son is now over and turned out to be very successful. He is now a Christian with the blessings from God and the Holy Catholic Church. The enormous amount of effort we have exerted to put up the party without resorting to any party planners went really well considering that the reception was held at our residence with a very limited space. My husband and I tried to make the party exclusive to family and relatives and a few very close friends only. Posing as the party planner, I make sure that all goes well. A week prior to the baptism, my husband and I attended the baptism seminar given by St. Mary’s Church in Dubai. It is mandatory for parents and godparents to attend the seminar prior to the Baptism of the child. The baptism guide booklet and form to be filled and submitted on the day of the baptism is being distributed at this time before the seminar starts. I made a list of the party details to be sure

Slimming Coffee or KILLER Coffee? Better Safe Than Sorry!

Better safe than SORRY! I was waiting for four boxes of slimming coffee from the Philippines. I consumed two boxes of the same coffee about three or four months ago, and as promised I lost almost five kilos. Too good to be true? I know but it happened to me that's why I can't wait for it to come and I have been asking for updates from a friend whose relative is coming to Dubai if he is able to bring it for me. That thought was a day ago before I stumbled upon an article the next day which says "Slimming Coffee or KILLER Coffee?" I had goosebumps with the word killer capitalized by Bang . I thought to myself this is not the coffee I took months back but I continue reading the article with doubts that it might be the same coffee because I heard that this brand is the most popular in the Philippines. When I scroll down the page, I saw a photo of the same box and sachets I used to tear every morning for about 24 days that actually help me lose the extra baby weight.