Sunday, May 15, 2011

Air Conditioning Woes

Its been a week since the AC broke down. Its been a week that we are relying on the only electric fan we have at home. Why now, why not before when the heat was still tolerable? My kids are both sick, coughing and having runny nose like me and their dad. We all got sick because of the heat and sweating while asleep.

The AC mechanic promised to bring the new compressor only on Tuesday and that's two days from now, how can we survive the heat?

On the first day we made the complaint, an AC technician came to our house and took a part of the AC machine that is not working. I called up to follow up and he said it will take a week to finish the job. I ask, I beg, and I pleaded for him to work on it asap and bring it back to me the following day because I have kids and unlike us it is hard for them to tolerate the heat.  He did what he was told, he came back, fix the part back to the machine and left. But the AC isn't working still, not enough air blowing to cool down the room, I called the person but was not answering his mobile.

We rang his supervisor and he promised to take actions towards the issue but still nothing happened. My husband was furious. We went to the landlords office and on our way we met with the maintenance manager at the stairs, he told us that there is no need to file a compalint. He called the supervisor and the technician to see if they have completed the job, our other complaints were fixed but not the AC. They send another person but that guy only cleaned the filter not fixed the AC. He comes and goes and the AC temp is still 30 degrees and up. My husband was already squabbling over the phone with the technician, he was mad and was very upset now.

We visited the landlord's office again this time determined to make a complaint and we were assisted at once by the ladies at the reception. They called up to the technician but the guy told them the job was done, they let us talk to him and let him know that we are complaining about their unfinished lousy work. After some more calls, the ladies told us that somebody is at the house now checking the AC and let us go home to see how they are doing. We were asked to call them back if still the work is not done properly. We went back home, that technician was saying that they need to change the compressor, it is karban (broken). I called the supervisor again, I suggested that he can take another AC machine compressor that is working from some unoccupied flats in the building and fixed to my AC but he says they cannot do that and we have to wait for Tuesday. I told him I cannot wait for Tuesday, he must do something, he again promised to make it before Tuesday but I doubt it. I just hope he keeps his promise and fix that damn AC.


  1. Naku, that needs to be fixed soon. Summer pa naman.

  2. up to now di parin po nafix AC namin, I am going crazy, my son started to have heat rash. Pinalitan na ng compressor but it just won't work huhuhu. bukas they will come again to see what's wrong. hopefully ok na bukas.


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