Tuesday, May 10, 2011

No school for today

Mica won't get out of bed this morning to prepare for school inspite of all our combined efforts to wake her up. First was a morning greeting from her aunt, then some shake-your-body technique from his dad followed by lots of chatting, talking and encouragement from me. Today nothing worked out, I felt she was exhausted and was complaining about the prickly pain in her arm resulting from the MMR injection given by the school resident nurse last Thursday. Eyes halfshut, she would whisper to me that the pain may last for five to ten days according to one of her schoolmate-friend who had the same vaccine which she actually believes :).  At the back of my head it says she has to get up and prepare for school but the mom in me doesn't have the heart the push my daughter to something beyond her health and stregth so I give in. No school today. I tuck her back into bed, give her kisses in the forehead. I told her lovingly that today she can take lots of rest and I headed out the door and went off to work.

Before lunch break, I gave her a call. "Did you have a good sleep, at what time did you wake up?" "good and I woke up at half past eleven" she replied. "Did you have some breakfast?" "No not yet and I am not hungry yet." Here goes mom, "Mica today I allow you not to go to school so you can take a lot of rest to make you feel better but tomorrow we are going to school." " yes mommy!" I am but worried that YES today and NO tomorrow morning, oh dear.

I read an article from a fellow blogger called Mrs. Dubai that she has to put her DD to bed by eight pm because that's the only way she can get up at six in the morning. How can I do that when I only reach home at eight pm, cook dinner for an hour, have dinner on the next, wash the dishes and clean the kitchen for another thirty minutes which means by the time I finish, it is half past ten and we still have homeworks to do and bedtime stories to read?

Oh dear!

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