So it was mother's day yesterday and everyone was greeting their mothers, mine was a mess because mommy's mobile was apparently switch off or out of coverage area. Northern Luzon was experiencing a tropical depression and it might be the reason of the phone signal interruption. :( well probably not-maybe my mom needs a newer gadget :)  and so I told my sister. :) :)

I ring my sister too and we share the same story of an unreacheable mobile phone of mom, I felt bad but what else can I do. I later on send her an sms hoping that she will receive it and might call me back. 

When I reached home last night , I saw my daughter working on a sheet  of paper at the dining table, she was excited and was in a hurry to finish whatever she was doing, she was hiding it from me, she said it was surprise. After sometime, she handed me an envelope, I knew that it was a mothers day greeting card but I was suprised more to see two identical drawings of me and her.  I liked the drawing a lot, Mica seems to have a talent for it, a budding artist. I showed it to Ferald and he had the same idea about the art. I asked her to add some colors but she refused but then I guess even without colors it is just perfect. My daughter emulates me is a fact that makes my heart leap for joy, well I hope not just in drawings but in real life. That only means that I must as her mother serves as a perfect role model. Parenting is a tough job for mothers but we are created by God for this job and we are entrusted with lives that we need to shape up untill they can live on their own.  My prayer is this "Dear God, thank you for the soul you have entrusted on me, may you give me courage and strength to endure the hardships of parenting and savour the joys of it. May I lead and shape the life of my children to the best path and form and that I may we worthy of becoming their mother. Amen"

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  1. nakakatuwa c mica. my talent nga! happy mother's day classmate! :)

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