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Mica draws again

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Meet me and my daughter Mica :)  I am the one in the yellow dress with heart prints and she is the one in the blue skirt. I wonder why she is blonde while I am brunette and me with a microphone.

It just feels good when my kiddo associates me in a lot of things she does and I love to be the subject of my little Picasso. I am compiling these pieces of art she created and I wish to publish it here to compile and to show her again when she grows up, you know how these smalls things gets lost and forgotten in time.

My mom used to keep my letters, greeting cards and small art pieces in her bible, a very old one - like she had it 20 years ago, that old. When I get to visit her, I look at the bible again and see some of our old photos and greeting cards we gave her when we were young, she uses them as book marks in her bible to mark her favorite verses, it makes me nostalgic but at the same time it makes me happy to see those things, things that reminds me how I showed mom how much I love her and how important she is to me just like what Mica is doing to me now.

We tend to have different ways of saving precious memories and this is one way of how I thougt of keeping them - online. I just hope that my blogger account will last forever for my next generation to see and read it.
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Oil paintings of fictional women

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I had a fabulous find, fab oil paintings of women by Jeff Lyons which I can't wait to show Mica tonight. They are awesome and pretty, I would love to pose for him for a painting, I wonder how I will look like on an oil canvas. These are some of my favorites

They are all pretty actually and it reminds me of my daughter drawing

Mr.  Lyons was kind enough to reply to the message I send him, it was an honor for me, thank you sir,

Thank you very much Carla. I appreciate your kind comments. The 'girlfriends' look good on your blog. Your daughters picture is cute, too. :)

Jeff Lyons
Visual Artist, Portrait Painter

---- On Sun, 22 May 2011 08:02:01 -0600 Carla Roque wrote ----

Hello Jeff,
I just love your art, I published your work on my website( linking back to you, when I saw them, I remember my 7 year old daughters drawing. Love it, my colleague saw It and she did like your work too.



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Playful Art

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Used MS Paint to make these - my signature incorporated in it. It is one of those days when scribbles help pass the time. It reminds me of Batibot's Luningning and Lugingging.

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So it was mother's day yesterday and everyone was greeting their mothers, mine was a mess because mommy's mobile was apparently switch off or out of coverage area. Northern Luzon was experiencing a tropical depression and it might be the reason of the phone signal interruption. :( well probably not-maybe my mom needs a newer gadget :)  and so I told my sister. :) :)

I ring my sister too and we share the same story of an unreacheable mobile phone of mom, I felt bad but what else can I do. I later on send her an sms hoping that she will receive it and might call me back. 

When I reached home last night , I saw my daughter working on a sheet  of paper at the dining table, she was excited and was in a hurry to finish whatever she was doing, she was hiding it from me, she said it was surprise. After sometime, she handed me an envelope, I knew that it was a mothers day greeting card but I was suprised more to see two identical drawings of me and her.  I liked the drawing a lot, Mica seems to have a talent for it, a budding artist. I showed it to Ferald and he had the same idea about the art. I asked her to add some colors but she refused but then I guess even without colors it is just perfect. My daughter emulates me is a fact that makes my heart leap for joy, well I hope not just in drawings but in real life. That only means that I must as her mother serves as a perfect role model. Parenting is a tough job for mothers but we are created by God for this job and we are entrusted with lives that we need to shape up untill they can live on their own.  My prayer is this "Dear God, thank you for the soul you have entrusted on me, may you give me courage and strength to endure the hardships of parenting and savour the joys of it. May I lead and shape the life of my children to the best path and form and that I may we worthy of becoming their mother. Amen"
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Not Just Scribbles

What do you think about the drawing?

This is a self portrait of my daughter Lanna Micaela. Isn't it amazing how she captures the almost exact facial features of herself in this drawing? I was really in awe when I paid more attention to her drawing which I thought was just scribbles but then I realize how nicely she made this piece of art. If my daughter grow up to be an artist, a painter or inclined in arts, I know and she will know where and when it all started.
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Dads Day ArtCraft

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"Dad, you are the best dad in the whole wide world." "I love you!"  "We love you so much!"Lanna said.

My daughter never fails to say those words to her dad all the time even if it is not Fathers Day but today is Fathers Day so we wanted it to be special.

There are thousand ways to surprise dad on his special day and we thought of making something out of paper. Yes, paper.

It is already summer and no school so Lanna is always at home. I wanted to keep her busy as much as I could and artcraft is one thing I can teach her. We are going to make No 1 badge and I love dad banner today. We only needed creep paper, color paper, paste, scissors, old color magazines, stapler and ribbon which is already available at home. She was very excited and was very cooperative and eager to finish our project before dad comes home. We finished it in no time and by the time dad reached home our paper art craft is ready and even Feralds' requested viand for dinner is ready.

We presented him the badge and he was happy about the I love dad banner we stick on the wall. We love you dad and happy fathers day. Hurray to all fathers in the world. Happy Fathers Day to Daddy Ben and Daddy Ray as well as my kuya Dinoh and Kuya Jho.

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Capital Gate vs Pisa Tower


Capital Gate, the project, owned and developed in the UAE capital by Abu Dhabi National Exhibitions Company (ADNEC), has been built to lean 18 degrees westwards is indeed the most and furthest leaning manmade tower after being certified by the Guinness World Records dethroning the longest record holder, the Pisa Tower (Torre pendente di Pisa)
The project is expected to finish this year after a rigorous work done since 2007 and it will house the five star Hyatt Capital Gate Hotel and some 20,000 mm2 office space.
With the advancement of technology in architecture, designing such magnificent tower seems to be a piece of cake for RMJM who designed it.
Capital Gate building is a landmark development for Abu Dhabi and gaining such recognition from Guinness marks it in history.
On the otherhand, the tower of Pisa, having been a leaning tower from time immemorial has so much to boast of its history. Not at all an office building nor a hotel but a Campanile, or freestanding bell tower of the Cathedral of Italian City of Pisa was built over three stages over 177 years. It has no elevators and it is a major attraction in Pisa,Italy.
The construction started in 1173, the Pisa tower started sinking in 1178 after reaching its third floor due to foundation being set in a weak unstable subsoil. In 1272, contruction begin again and more floors were added. In 1319, the seventh floor was completed and only in 1372 that the bell chamber was added. The largest bell was installed in 1655. From 1990 to 2001 after almost 10 years of structural restrengthening, the tower is undergoing gradual surface restoration.
The identity of the architech has long been a controversy.
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Self Portrait-Pieces of Art

My work requires me to visit Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC) Government Services Office from time to time as I have to accompany people for visa application and medical test as well as submit important company related documents at the DIFC ROC.

At DIFC, many art pieces are being exhibited and this time I have notice these cute paintings entitled "self portrait" that lined up the walls of the government office. These are art pieces created by Mohammad Orabi a famous artist from Damascus Syria, you can peek more of his art pieces at Ayyam Gallery

"His portraits are at once reflective of his fascination with one's childhood experiences as they are investigations into the human spirit"

The artwork look so naive, I stared at them several minutes and travels back in time to hark back to my own childhood memories.
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I'm Yours

This greatest fear has changed my life
I have shared to you what is mine
I have collected "me" from the years that pass
And now I am here like a wholehearted lass

Believe these words from my devoted heart
Commend your trust to this fate we have
From this day on you will be my man
Till the day I die I will be by your side

Never give up when the days are tough
Lets be sturdy when the road runs rough
This is our chance to be as one
Lets carry on with life, now that it has begun
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Cry all your tears and laugh all your happiness
Use all your strengths and empower your weaknesses
Hate nobody and befriend your enemy
Endure life, as it has to be

Never lose hope because it is a promise
That is made in heaven for you to cherish
There are trying times, yes there is
But don’t you quit; it’s just a quiz

Prepare yourself for something new
Care for someone and be true
Discover things on your own
And see how different you have grown

Keep an eye on the keys of life
Follow your dreams and go for what's right
Withdraw all your fears and
Leave the past behind.

Written on February 15, 2003

Written by: Carla Roque
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