Sunday, May 22, 2011

Oil paintings of fictional women

I had a fabulous find, fab oil paintings of women by Jeff Lyons which I can't wait to show Mica tonight. They are awesome and pretty, I would love to pose for him for a painting, I wonder how I will look like on an oil canvas. These are some of my favorites

They are all pretty actually and it reminds me of my daughter drawing

Mr.  Lyons was kind enough to reply to the message I send him, it was an honor for me, thank you sir,

Thank you very much Carla. I appreciate your kind comments. The 'girlfriends' look good on your blog. Your daughters picture is cute, too. :)

Jeff Lyons
Visual Artist, Portrait Painter

---- On Sun, 22 May 2011 08:02:01 -0600 Carla Roque wrote ----

Hello Jeff,
I just love your art, I published your work on my website( linking back to you, when I saw them, I remember my 7 year old daughters drawing. Love it, my colleague saw It and she did like your work too.



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