Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Reflection - Reasons Why I Stay In Dubai

two reflection of me on the silver vase with a fish eye effect
This photo was taken while waiting for my number to be called - passport collection at the DIFC Govt. Office. Another three valid years of visa has been stamped on it.
Been here for so long I guess I don't know when to call it quits.I get used to my life here, our life here. Why I kept on staying in UAE? Well there are many reasons.

The main reason is that I am working and earning a living here plus having to support a family member at the same time in Philippines  apart from that
1. Dubai is a safe place  - crime rate is low, it is actually regarded as top five safest cities in the world to live in. Locals and expats alike are well protected by vigilant police officers. This is a kind of place I want my kids to grow. People respect people and people respect the authority.

2. Affordability - Things that I thought that is hard to afford in my home country is within reach here. Food is not cheap nor expensive. Electronics and high end gadgets are everywhere and selling like pancakes. Dubai is one of the best shopping destinations in the world with the Dubai Mall as the largest shopping mall, and a number of huge malls around town, there is everything for everyone. There are also souks for budget shopping.
3. Tax Free (big grin) -  There is no income tax, I get my salary in full and I don't have monthly mandatory deductions. There is gratuity after the contract finishes (gratuity is end of service pay) a month of vacation w/ PAY too and free annual ticket to home country. Corporates enjoy 100% ownership of their businesses in free zones and freehold property developments.

4. Strong Government - The ruler knows what he is doing and people loves him. Look at the UAE now with all developments I have witness in the last decade, I would say countries like mine must learn from them. The systems developed and implemented in this country makes it more wealthy and they earn the respect of nations around the world.

5. Vibrant City - Full of life and there is so much things you can do from simple stroll at the park to desert safari to swim at the beach to a ride in the fastest roller coaster built at the Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi. You will never get board.

6. Multicultural - There are roughly 202 nationalities thriving, living and working together. Over 80% of population are expats who coexist in harmony. I even enrolled my daughter to an international school to have the benefit of her mingling with kids of different nationalities and of course to have good quality education.

7. Conservative Society - Driven by religion Dubai even being a cosmopolitan city stays conservative in many ways. In the mall you will find signs about proper dressing, on the street public display of affection is taboo, alcohol are serve only in hotels bars and roaming drunk will land you in jail, priority for women in government offices and other establishments, men still practice chivalry. Everywhere there are mosque and non Muslims can practice religion freely in their place of worship.

8. Weather - I love winter because it is more pleasant to tour the city when the weather is much cooler. It is sunny whole year round and occasional rain during winter which means you can always go out and about every weekends.some

I don't know when to call it quits, I am actually thinking of settling in Dubai as long as it allows me to.

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  1. I'm now on my 3rd year in Abu Dhabi and I didn't expect I'd last this long. Time flies when we're having fun.


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