Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

This ride took only 00:57 seconds to finish, but imagine staying in the queue for like an hour fifteen minutes. But still it was worth the wait, the adrenalin kick was worthy of the Grand Prix. Formula Rossa is the worlds fastest roller coaster found at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi. This ride was so amazing I could only scream over 2.07 km track at 52 meters above the ground as many times as its descends. You gotta strap yourself tight into the F1 cockpit and hold on to your soul as it blast away into a 240km/hr speed.

Famous Ferrari logo and the largest ever created on the roof of the theme park

Areal view of Ferrari World Abu Dhabi - this iconic sleek red roof was inspired by the classic double curve side profile of the Ferrari GT body

Gateway to our Ferrari adventure

The theme park is fully air conditioned while some rides like Formula Rossa, Fiorano GT Challenge and G-Force goes out on track and/or high up in the open air. Unfortunately, G-Force is under maintenance while Mica did not meet the height requirement for the other two so I went to take the ride alone at Formula Rossa while Ferald watch the kids. It would have been more fun and exciting if all four of us can enjoy the thrilling rides together :( (mommy can't wait for the kids to grow and dad to overcome his fear of heights) Having been said that, it doesn't mean we did not enjoy ourselves together. One of our favorite was Speed of Magic- a highly sophisticated 4-D simulator that will take you in the bottom of the ocean, at the heart of the jungle, inside the volcano and makes you feel like running while an avalanche chases you. The ride was so good Mica went in four times with me and her dad alternately.

Made in Maranello is a tour in the historic Ferrari factory to see how a Ferrari is born. The interactive media explains the intricate step and highly craftsmanship that goes into making the worlds most prestigious cars

Suddenly Mica and I are lost in Bell'Italia-a miniature Italy while driving a Ferrari 250 California Circa 1958.

After falling in love with Italy, Mica's passion for cars was growing, we enrolled her at Junior GT to get the license before allowing her hit the race track at the Junior Grand Prix

Here's Mica at Junior GT learning her signals and applying them

And then on the race track. Go! Go! Go!

While his sister enjoys driving the small cars - Prince wants the real thing! hmmm :)

But I guess he will never pass the chance :D

An then he wanted this afterwards

The big guy was posing for something else, he even tried the Scuderia Challenge and won first place. Scuderia Chanllenge is the same simulator used by Scuderia drivers in training. It offers a level of realism far beyond the arcade game.

While mom gets contented ordering some frap at Espresso Rosso for some caffeine reload, I was tired and feeling frumpy after spending a fun filled day in this gargantuan theme park, imagine a seven football field that's about 86,000 sqm is the size of this place. But we just can't get enough, my kids keep on playing at the Junior Training Camp

and we continue to take loads of photos in the red rich background

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is the worlds largest indoor theme park of its kind, was built for three years and opened to the public in October 2010. But it is not just a theme park, it is a place where guests and fans can immerse oneself into everything Ferrari, where you become a part of the Ferrari story and as they say in all its passion, thrill and glory.

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  1. Hello adorable Prince, you've grown so soon, I still remember your Mom's updates when she was to conceive you :) ... Next time you'll ask Mom and Dad if they could be you a Ferrari :-)

    Your post makes me eagerly look forward to going to Rotana and taking those free Ferrari World tickets, thanks much :-)

  2. time flies noh? yeah it was worth it. your gremlines will surely enjoy as much as you are. go na

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