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Mini Lust

I mean I am currently lusting over this Pink Mini. Don't you just love it. It is soooo cute. Well first of all this is not mine and second of all who ever owns this baby, I'm sorry but can't help taking photos with your car and I hope you don't mind. We just saw this lovey parked outside ACE harware at Festival City. I can only wish that I own this car but darling it's priced more than my annual salary combined. I hope your not looking for a ferarri or a lamborgini here but frankly speaking, these cars that I've mentioned are like normal cars running in Dubai roads, there are so many of them. hmmmmm Car Lust!

come take my hand

  Frienship is a union of spirits, a marriage of hearts, and a bond thereof virtue

le Love

   le Love is a very cute website for hopeless romantic people like me. I stumbled upon this website while I was searching for some nice love quotes, stories and photos. The articles are mostly readers submission. It is about love, the good, the bad and the unknown and oh btw it's the Olsen sisters blog, the best part is the header photo, very intriguing! :) Happy reading!!!

Dubai Museum-your cultural heritage in the UAE

A lot has been said about Dubai Museum as I read over the Internet but first hand experience is always the best way to know and learn about a place. Our own experience last Friday, the same day we visited the Dubai Creek and The Old Bur Dubai Souk , was not just merely a family bonding but also a discovery and in-depth understanding of the cultural and historical background of our host country city. Imagine standing in the courtyard of the oldest building in Dubai which is the Al Fahidi Fort - the father of all buildings and skyscrapers of Dubai :), a silent witness of everything Dubai has been through over the years, if only it can talk then it would be the best story teller ever of Dubai's past. The fort was built more than three centuries ago with coral and shell rubble from the sea then sealed with lime, it still stands today offering a glimpse of the countries heritage to its present local people, its resident expats and tourist alike and a visit to the Dubai Museum that

The Old Souk-Bur Dubai

After our water adventure in Dubai Creek , we headed to the Bur Dubai Old Souk. There many souks in Dubai actually and this is just one of them, we'll see the rest next time. ( Souk is the Arabic word for market or traditional street market where any kind of goods are bargained, bought, sold or exchanged) The entrance is just on the left corner coming from the Bur Dubai Abra station. You will know you're there when you see this detailed wooden structure. Many shops are still closed when we get there but there are a few of them that are already trading like this one on the photo below. The shops usually opens at 4 pm and close at 10 pm on Fridays. Beautiful printed textiles like scarves, pashminas, Arabian dresses decorated with glass beads, pillows with beautiful and arty detailing, some camel stuff toys and rugs are available. We got this two cute camels for the kids and they just love it. I got them a bit cheaper after I asked for discounts from a kabayan who wor

Revisiting Dubai Creek-Tourist Style

Last Friday after attending the holy mass at St. Mary's church and having a simple lunch of steamed rice with kare-kare, bopis and caldereta at Tagpuan restaurant in Karama, me and my family went straight to Dubai Creek. It's been a while since I told my husband I wanted us all to go ride an Abra which we have never done before ( Abra  is a traditional wooden boat of the UAE used for transporting goods and people back and forth in the waters of Dubai Creek. It is considered one of the oldest means of transportation in the country).  An Abra full of passengers mostly Pakistani, Indians, a few Europeans, and some other Asian people TODA ng Abra :) hehe Without a set of things to do in mind, I thought of taking them around Bur Dubai to ride the Abra and cross the Creek towards Deira Old Souq Abra Station then take a stroll at the Deira Old Souq. Shop for some spices but since we arrived too early on Friday, the old souq was still close and opens only at 2pm after t