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There used to be a carpet right there but in attempt to add more indoor activities for my kids, I rolled out the carpet and put hopscotch on the tiles using green vinyl sticker. I can’t use paint as it will surely damage the tiles (I don’t want that because for sure my landlord will ask me to replace those damaged tiles if one day we decided to vacate the property) while colored chalks will easily fade away and we have to draw again and again. My kids and I are turned out to be allergic to dust so removing that carpet is a relief.

When we went on vacation last December to Philippines, I find my nieces and my nephew hooked on their iPhone or computer most of the time and I admit that even my daughter was doing the same, all of them busy with their own tech-savvy world. It is sad because there is lack physical activity and social interaction thinking that they are kids, they are supposed to be out playing right. I remember when I was their age, you’ll not find me home, either I am out climbing trees and picking seasonal fruits with my friends or I am playing piko, Chinese garter, bending, tumbang preso, harangan taga, langit lupa, and sipa with them. I’m sure if you are a Pinoy kid of the 80’s, you know these games I am talking about. Hopscotch or “piko” is every kid’s game in our country and probably everywhere else in the world.

I called the kids outside one day and draw a big piko on the street, show them how it is done and what the rules are. After that they are on their own playing almost all day long. I was happy to teach them this game I played myself many years ago and even if we are back in Dubai, my kids can enjoy the game she used to play with her cousins.

I add numbers on each box and those are intended for my two year old son so he can familiarize himself with the numbers. Prince is currently on potty training and he is learning his letters and numbers

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