Today I am a Commuter

I am a commuter today. I have always been a commuter, during college when I decided not to stay in a boarding house in Manila I commute from my province in Bulacan to my University - PUP and back everyday for two years so it's not actually new to me. When I came in Dubai (that means Sharjah coz my family stays in Sharjah) years ago, I also take sharing taxis to go to Dubai that used to be very popular before until the laws got stricter where in cabs cannot car pool. And then we had a car and my husband always drops me to my workplace. (Yeah we have a car and we brace ourselves to traffic every single day (I am wishing and hoping that Dubai and Sharjah will agree to extend the Dubai Metro to Sharjah and to all other emirates-its good that Abu Dhabi started it but unfortunately I don't leave there)

As I was saying, today was no different, when my husband mentioned that we have to get up at 4:30 am and leave the house at 5 in the morning because they have a meeting at work, I lamely agree thinking of my options. This morning I decided to commute, how hard can it be, the only thing I dread was the trip from my house to the back of Sahara Center, without traffic I am paying about 10 AED but today with traffic I paid 19 AED. Many people who lives in Sharjah and works in Dubai and commutes daily knows what there is at the back of Sahara Center, let me tell you.

Behind Sahara Center is Dubai already, it is the border and there is a fence-it used to be fenceless and cars can pass and 4 wheel drivers treat it like in safari but then Dubai Municipality built a fence and no cars can ever pass again. In time, some people open the fence and create a passage from Sharjah to Dubai and it became very popular that even taxi drivers know it very well. When you commute the normal way like from Sharjah to Dubai using the Dubai Sharjah highway you are not only stuck in traffic jams but you will also pay hefty fares and from Sharjah to Dubai the meter starts at 20 AED, if within Sharjah, it is only AED3

Now that you know, I'll tell you how I go from home to work today. From my house in Jamal Abdul Nasser St., I took a cab and drove off to the back of Sahara Center and pay the taxi driver the expensive fare. I cross the border and I am in Dubai. It's the morning rush so there are so many people waiting for taxis that are barely coming, it's good that there are feeder buses and I decided to hop on bus number 22 (to Health care City) it will pass Dubai Metro Stadium station and Deira City Center Metro station. I opt for Deira City Center Metro Station since I don't want to change from Green to Red Line of the metro once in Union Metro Station, if I took the Stadium then I'll have to do the latter. I hop off the bus at DCC Metro Station, as I scan my NOL card it register AED 2.80 and I couldn't be any happier, cheaper fare for a longer route (sigh of relief), if from behind Sahara I took a cab I must have paid AED 10 until Stadium Metro Station and still I have to do the line change.

DCC metro station wasn't crowded at all and I am able to grab a seat. Nine stations after on the red line and I am on my destination. It took me two hours to commute from Sharjah to Dubai which is fair enough but this includes waiting time, in case taxis or buses are available immediately I can do it for 1 1/2 hours only. I actually find it very easy to commute this way and even on my way home If I need to commute I would chose this way.

Sure there are other ways to commute, I know some people who goes to the main Sharjah bus station in Rolla and goes to work in Jebel Ali, that needs longer time since this bus uses the Sharjah Dubai highway.

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  1. I can't believe you live in Jamal Abdel Nasr (which where I work) and you studied in PUP (where I graduated) and that you are from Bulacan (where I am from!).

    Are you sure we are not the same person? HAHA!!

    1. hahaha what a coincidence right? I am batch of 2000 College of Mass Communication and yes I am from Malolos Bulacan, don't tell me you also studied in MHPHS, did you?

  2. No no... I'm from Meycauayan. Graduated Bachelors in Tourism ... forget the year. HAHA!!

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