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Losing weight gracefully

I never been this concerned with my weight until I had my blood tested for diabetes on a free check up conducted in a mall many many months ago. The doctor said my sugar is a bit elevated and I must control my weight, must exercise regularly and eat balance and healthy food. She advised me to get proper lab tests to be sure but I never went to get the lab test (not scared duhhh!) but I started to exercise regularly and try to eat as healthy as I could (wink). The building in which I work allow commercial tenants to use the gym conveniently located just on the upper floor of our office.

The heaviest I've become was about 70-75 kilos or 154 -165 lbs while I was pregnant with my son, I am not tall so I know I’m really BIG at that time. Three years later after giving birth, I still find it hard to lose those baby weights and as I age, it gets even harder.

Lately, I discovered one website called Blogilates - it is a blog of Casey Ho-a Pilates instructor. Her videos are awesome and easy (yeah OK not so easy for a beginner like me) to follow. I only run on the treadmill before for as long as I can but after I found her blog I get to print one of her printable called Treadmill Shredmill that consists of six sets with different inclines and speed. It is a combination of cardio and booty and legs muscle exercise. After using this formula, I can stay on the treadmill for a whole 50 minutes without getting bored, I get super sweaty and my muscles are sore after which is a really good sign that the exercise is working, yeah baby its working! I love all the exercise routines and want to do all of it.

Another inspiring blog I found that advocates proper diet is The Londoner with her anti-diet article. These ladies are uber sexy like models of Victoria Secret and they are truly a motivator and inspiration.

With regular exercise, I shed pounds slowly and look more fit now. Although it is not showing huge difference in numbers yet, I can feel it and I look better on my clothes. Let's visualize it, this is me in Jan  2013 and now. can you tell the difference?

All I can say is I am still in the journey and will continue and try to stay healthy for as long as I live. Do not wait for your health to falter before starting, it is your health, your body take care of it today to avoid early signs of sickness. I  have kids and I'd love to see them grow and have kids of their own. I wanna grow old with my husband too!