Prince Dubai Residence Visa Renewed!!! Yay!!!

Yay Prince got his Dubai visa renewed, a big THANK YOU!!!

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I have to thank everyone concerned with the residence visa of my son. I am grateful to those who made it possible. When the free zone immigration said that I have to process the visa in the main immigration in Jafliya, I wanted to faint, not the main immigration noooo... but yeah I processed the renewal over there and the only difficult and worrisome part was when I was asked to come the next day at 10 am. The thing is Prince scanned photo was not showing in the system so the visa couldn't be printed and stamped to the passport. We were busy at work the next day so I couldn't make it. I was worried already that I might not find the immigration officer that processed the visa. Well that actually happened as she was on duty in another section of the immigration the day that I came back but thanks to her colleagues I was able to get in touch with her. In less than a minute Prince passport was in my hand.

Children of expatriates in the UAE need a residence visa sponsored by their parents. Sometimes with one year validity and sometimes three years, it depends. There are many requirements to sponsor wife and children. Some of the most important papers includes:

1. Attested marriage contracts of the parents - attested in home country and host country
2. Attested birth certificate of the child
3. Copy of lease agreement must be attested by Ejari or by the municipality of the Emirate where you live, at least two bedroom apartment
4.  Passport copy of the sponsor - both the parents with valid UAE visa
5. Pponsored passport copy
6. Application typed by an authorized typing center. Fees are paid at the typing center, I paid AED 510 for express
7. Salary certificate of the sponsor or labor contract copy
Salary of the sponsor must be AED 4000 or AED 3000 plus accommodation. There is also occupation criteria and application is subject to immigration approval.

If you are sponsoring your family in Dubai, please make sure to check every minute detail to avoid frustration. It really gets so frustrating sometimes, I've been there done that. At this point I am grateful that I have my son residency for another three years. I can breath now. 

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