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How to Apply for Children's Residence Visa Under Mother Sponsorship in Dubai 2019

Mother sponsoring child in Dubai

Dubai, 29/09/2019

For expatriate married women living and working in Dubai especially those earning less than 10,000 dirhams salary per month and whose job description is not allowed to apply visas for her family, sponsoring her children has never been easy until the recent changes in the Dubai immigration rules that took effect mid of 2019 this year.

The rule now allows any UAE resident (those who have a valid employment visa) male or FEMALE can now sponsor family members provided that he or she earns a monthly salary of AED 4000 or AED 3000 plus accommodation according to the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship.

Back in the day, when I tried to sponsor my husband, my experience was completely different. You can read about it here.

Just this month, a friend of mine applied for her children's visa in Dubai. It was approved, the visa was issued and stamped to her children's passport. We shared below the documents required and the step by step process on how to do it.

We hope this can help you in getting the residence visa of your children done smoothly. Please feel free to ask questions or share with our readers your own experience in the comment box below.

Document Required
1. Passport copy of the child/children
2. Passport copy of the sponsoring parent this case the mother
3. 1 photo passport size white background
4. Attested child birth certificate in Arabic
5. Sponsor's salary certificate in Arabic
6. Ejari Tenancy Contract
7. No Objection Letter issued by the father to the wife sponsoring her children. Must be notarized by Dubai Courts in Wafi Mall.
8. Family Status file at Dubai Immigration (Open a new file if you don't have one)
9. Father's Emirates ID Copy (front and back)
10. If the father recently lost his job, copy of his visa cancellation paper (if applicable)
11. Medical Insurance for the children (will not be required until visa stamping)

Fees per child
1. Application for an entry permit at authorized typing center - AED 1,250
2. Change Status - AED 680
3. Visa Stamping to the passport - AED 650
4. Emirates ID 3 years - AED 370 OR 2 years AED 270
5. Translation of Birth Certificate from English to Arabic - AED 160
6. Typing of NOC - AED 50
7. NOC notarization at Dubai Courts - AED 367.25
8. Family file opening at Dubai Immigration - done by typing office - AED 250
Total: AED 3, 777.25

Step by step procedure of applying for your children's residence visa in Dubai (The child/children are inside the country in this case)

1. Submit a complete set of documents at the authorized typing center for the typing of Entry permit.
2. Pay corresponding fees
3. Wait for the text message from Dubai Immigration saying the entry permit has been approved (1-2 days)
4. The typing center will give you a copy of the approved entry permit.
5. They will also be the one to submit a request for a change status.
6. Once the change of status is done, submit the original passport to the typing center to process the visa stamping in the passport. This time the medical insurance will be asked.
7. Every transaction, the original Emirates ID of the sponsor (in this case the mother) is required.
8. Please note that Emirates ID will also be applied during the visa stamping.
9. Collect passport once the visa is stamped and you're done.

Now for the other part on How to Obtain and Notarize the NOC from Dubai Courts in Wafi Mall

1. Go to an authorized typing center and have the Arabic NOC letter typed. It should say in the letter that the father has no objection for the mother to sponsor their child/children
2. Take the typed letter to Dubai Courts in Wafi Mall

     Wafi Mall, 1st Floor
     8 AM to 8 PM
     04- 370 6037

3. Take a token and wait to be called. Father's personal appearance is required since he will be signing the NOC in front of the lawyer who will witness and notarized the NOC.
4. Present the original passport as proof of identity
5. Present all documents in 2 copies (NOC to be signed, passport copy of the child/children, passport copy of the father and, passport copy of the mother as well as the Arabic birth certificate)
6. You will get the document at the same time.

How to Open Family File at Dubai Immigration - this will be done by the authorized typing center for you.

Disclaimer: Please note that UAE Immigration rules may change from time to time. Stay up to date and follow the news in leading news agencies for announcements from the government.
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How did I sponsor my husband in Dubai

Hi guys! It's been a while since my last post. How have you been?

Me? Busy trying to put our life back on track. My better half became unemployed two months ago and our status in UAE was put to the test. We were pressured even more when it was time for his employment visa cancellation.

The best thing that happened to us, after all our efforts and a few buckets of tears was, we finally got him a Dubai residence visa under my sponsorship. Stress down to 50%. How did we do it? Let me share it with you.

In Dubai, there is a visa called the husband's or father's visa. This is a type of residency visa whereby your sponsor is your husband or your father. In my case, I became my husband's sponsor. But there's a catch. My profession falls into a category that is not qualified to sponsor a husband in Dubai. For that reason, we approached the humanitarian section of the Dubai Immigration office to ask for the committee's consideration.

Sponsoring a husband in Dubai - Step by Step Process

Step 1: We went to a typing center and have an application typed for an entry permit, paid 250 AED

Document required:

1. Passport copy of the sponsored person with a copy of the canceled visa
2. Visa cancellation paper and termination letter
3. Sponsor's passport copy and visa page
4. Arabic salary certificate issued by the sponsor's employer
5. Attested marriage certificate
6. Passport copy of children with visa page (if applicable)
7. Attested tenancy contract (Ejari for Dubai) must be in the name of the sponsor
8. Water and Electricity Bill (DEWA)
9. Three months bank statement

Step 2: We presented the papers to the humanitarian section.

At first, I was told that my profession is not qualified to sponsor my husband which I am already aware of. We requested the good local lady if she can accept and allow me to try to have my papers presented to the committee. She told me to go to the cashier and pay committee fees of 130 AED and come back to her. I did what I was told. After scanning my application, she gave me a small receipt and told me to wait for 7-10 working days. Believe me, it was the longest 10 days of my life. I stayed patient, praying that the good heavens are with me on this. On the 7th day, I received an SMS asking me to go to Dubai immigration to follow up on my husband's visa application.

I waited patiently on the bench for my token to be called. When I was called, I gave the small receipt to the same local lady who received my application when I submitted it the first time. She looks at it and went to the shelf where all the papers are filed and took my husband application. She checked it, looked at me and asked if he is inside the country and I told her yes.

Step 3: She then handed over to me a bunch of paper and ask me to pay 2000 AED deposit and 680 AED for the inside country and come back to her. The feeling was overwhelming. I had to ask her again if it was approved before the idea sinks in. It has been approved by the committee. I was thrilled that I am approved to sponsor my husband and that there's no need for him to go for a visa run. I paid the fees and went back to her then she issued me the pink paper. My hands were shaking when I received it. I was so happy.

Step 4: The process didn't finish there. There was plenty of things to do. She told me to go for typing again for a change of status. For this typing, I paid another AED 610. This is actually better than leaving the country because it's the same amount of money we will spend on airfare had I sent him to Kish Island. When typing is done, I went back to the entry permit - ladies section. I gave the passport and entry visa. There it was stamped to show that he had entered the country and gave me a change of status paper.

Step 5: From then onwards, we have two months to stamp the visa to his passport. To do that, he has to go for a medical test which is more or less AED 300 and Emirates ID application AED 170 for 1 year. When these are done, we went back to Duba Immigration to submit the papers and passport and the visa was stamped to it. The issued visa is only valid for a year.

It was indeed a very long process and it requires almost a fortune but it is cheaper and less stressful than going for a visa run every now and then until he gets fully employed again. He had quite a few interviews already and we are patiently waiting for the right opportunity to arrive. I hope it comes soon.

***This is based on our personal experience and yours might be different. Please bear in mind that Dubai Immigration asses each case differently.

Have you ever experienced something like this before or are you in the same situation right now? Please feel free to leave your comments below.

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Prince Dubai Residence Visa Renewed!!! Yay!!!

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Yay Prince got his Dubai visa renewed, a big THANK YOU!!!

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I have to thank everyone concerned with the residence visa of my son. I am grateful to those who made it possible. When the free zone immigration said that I have to process the visa in the main immigration in Jafliya, I wanted to faint, not the main immigration noooo... but yeah I processed the renewal over there and the only difficult and worrisome part was when I was asked to come the next day at 10 am. The thing is Prince scanned photo was not showing in the system so the visa couldn't be printed and stamped to the passport. We were busy at work the next day so I couldn't make it. I was worried already that I might not find the immigration officer that processed the visa. Well that actually happened as she was on duty in another section of the immigration the day that I came back but thanks to her colleagues I was able to get in touch with her. In less than a minute Prince passport was in my hand.

Children of expatriates in the UAE need a residence visa sponsored by their parents. Sometimes with one year validity and sometimes three years, it depends. There are many requirements to sponsor wife and children. Some of the most important papers includes:

1. Attested marriage contracts of the parents - attested in home country and host country
2. Attested birth certificate of the child
3. Copy of lease agreement must be attested by Ejari or by the municipality of the Emirate where you live, at least two bedroom apartment
4.  Passport copy of the sponsor - both the parents with valid UAE visa
5. Pponsored passport copy
6. Application typed by an authorized typing center. Fees are paid at the typing center, I paid AED 510 for express
7. Salary certificate of the sponsor or labor contract copy
Salary of the sponsor must be AED 4000 or AED 3000 plus accommodation. There is also occupation criteria and application is subject to immigration approval.

If you are sponsoring your family in Dubai, please make sure to check every minute detail to avoid frustration. It really gets so frustrating sometimes, I've been there done that. At this point I am grateful that I have my son residency for another three years. I can breath now. 
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