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Thursday BBQ Night at The Terrace Millenium Airport Hotel with Blues Brothers Tribute

I did not get a free Baskin Robins ice cream nor Tim Hortons coffee being given away around Dubai after Dubai won the bid for Expo 2020 but boy I got something better than ice cream and coffee. It was a real treat to have watched the Illinois Blues Brothers Tribute last night at The Terrace Millennium Airport Hotel, I'm sold to the idea that it's their act whose all other acts must be judge. The energy of this duo is incomparable and they are really really good. The crowd just love them, and speaking of crowd, The Terrace was full and was very busy last night, way to go guys! And yes they did not leave without a fan pic...I mean I didn't let go of them before having this photo here. Epic? I guess so!  Another thing grand last night was the spread prepared by Gozo Garden Restaurant for Thursday BBQ night. There are many options for your BBQ - there's marinated meat, chicken and seafood with all different sauces.  You can also opt for a stir fry cook

Health Insurance Mandatory in Dubai starting 2014

Dubai is starting the day right while it awaits the announcement of who will be the next host for Expo 2020 tonight. Dubai is a strong candidate and people in the UAE are all in support of the countries endeavor. Photo Credit Starting 2014, health insurance will be mandatory for all residents in Dubai, it will be tied with the residence visa and none will be renewed without having a health insurance. Hurrah!!! At the moment there are one million residents in Dubai out of three million who have insurance coverage. Many blue-collars workers are not insured and this law will ensure they will have access to essential health services. The Health Insurance Law was approved by His Highness Sheihk Khalifa Bin Rashid Al Maktoum-Vice President and Prime Minister of UAE and Ruler of Dubai. Implementation start by 2014 and expected completion is by 2016. Additional cost will be born by the companies as it is the employers responsibility to provide employees with health care benefit al

The Great Outdoors

Yesterday's weather was perfect with white puffy clouds, clear blue skies and temperature of roughly 26-27 degrees with lows of 3-7 degrees in the higher areas. The cold weather is here to stay and the rain is gone after it soaked most parts of UAE during the weekend. My daughter and my son are the happiest when it rained, we are in the balcony staring at the heavy rain cloud and when it came down pouring they cannot hide their happiness and so do we. They even went down with their aunt after the rain to play in the puddles. Now that the weather is good, there are a lot of reasons to stay outdoors. Dining out on The Terrace at Millennium Airport Hotel Dubai this Thursday night is one of them. Join the fun evening of dining, socializing and entertainment as Gozo Garden host a BBQ dinner buffet with live entertainment on the background by the Roadhouse. By 10 pm get ready, sit back and relax while sipping your drink and enjoy the show as Illinois re-live the 80's

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

Someone told me that putting up the Christmas tree in November is way too early... but not the case for us. The Philippines has the reputation of a country who celebrate Christmas the longest in the world starting as early as September and last until January 6 of the following year. I grew up in this tradition and this year is not different from any other year we celebrated Christmas even I am away from home and even I am in a country where Christmas is not celebrated by everybody. I am actually late this year, my mind was occupied with so many things and I don't have the will to bring out tree from its box and dust off the ornaments. If not for the three little kids at home, the tree would have not come out from hibernation. Christmas is for the children anyways. Prince was the one in charge to put the star on top of the tree.  Our tree is not real, we never had a fresh tree for Christmas but yes fresh trees are available in Dubai by order from ACE hardware

Pinoys in the UAE to Raise Funds for Typhoon Haiyan Victims

Noel Celis/AFP via Getty Images Residents walk past the debris of destroyed houses in the aftermath of Super Typhoon Haiyan in Tacloban, on the eastern island of Leyte in the Philippines, on November 9, 2013. Please share this to all your friends To all Kabayans in the UAE, the UAE community is conducting a fund raising event on Friday November 15, 2013 at Zabeel Park Amphitheater/Megabowl  from 8 am - 5 pm for the victims of typhoon Yolanda in the Visayas region in the Philippines. There will be donations boxes by Red Crescent Society in coordination with Red Cross Philippines. There will be lots of activities for the whole family.  Filipinos United for a Cause Brunch-For-A-Cause organized by FilCom Dubai and NE  will be held on Friday  at the POLO-OWWA compound in Al Qusais  from 11 am to 4 pm at a minimal cost of AED 50.00 The office will also be accepting donations in kind. All proceeds will be sent to our kababayans who needs our support in this trying times.

Teaching my expat kid her correct identity

I married a Filipino guy not knowing that he has some Chinese roots, I only learned later on that his dad’s mom is Chinese. That’s why he has this “chinito” eyes which attracted me to him in the first place. lols In many occasions people confused my kids and their dad as another nationality because of their looks. My daughter grew curious about her roots because of these encounters. We explained to her that her great grandmother is Chinese that’s why she has the Chinese features but the rest of her grandparents and great grandparents are of Filipino origin. In the recent children’s birthday party that we have attended, the host asks Mica where is she from and she eagerly answered “from the Philippines.” The host joked that he thought she was from China and then Mica without hesitation said “I am half Chinese” and everybody accepted the child's' answer as it is. Ferald and I are smiling at each other about our daughters answer. Later on I explained to her that she

Guest Blog: Apps for the Foodie

Hi guys thanks for visiting My Yellow Bells! Today's blog is an article written by my guest blogger Antonia. She is an enthusiastic writer from the north of Germany, living and studying in London to pursue her dream of becoming a journalist. Be passionate about food: share it with the world wherever you are photocredit If you’re as passionate about food as I am, you might be looking for ways to share your culinary experiences with others. Whether you have just mastered a tasty new recipe or dined out at an excellent restaurant, your mobile device will allow you to provide real-time updates about food you’re craving, creating, or currently consuming. Let’s take a closer look at the smartphone features and apps built with the foodie in mind: Bon APP├ętit! Photocredit Smartphone apps are a wonderful tool for the modern-day foodie, as they allow you keep apprised of new recipes and restaurant recommendations and share your culinary adventures with others. Th

Da Vinci's Wine and Dine Part 2: Red White and Blue Meets Italy

I was honored and pleased to be invited by one of the most influential lifestyle bloggers in Dubai for a night of gastronomic indulgence and tasting luxurious wines from America at Da Vinci's Wine and Dine Part 2 at Millennium Airport Hotel last Thursday. I am completely elated to meet Grace of Sandier Pastures and Ms. Farah - the Hotel Marketing Director. It was a night of fun interaction with remarkable people. Grace and I were an hour early from the expected time of the dinner and I am really glad because we had enough time to chat and get to know each other. We were offered Cook's Sparking Brut, NV for a welcome drink paired with a variety of canapes while waiting for the dinner to start. I had two glasses and became a little tipsy already (not a heavy drinker here), already thought SMS-ing hubby to come and get me later on.  We were joined by the very bubbly Ms. Farah and the chatting is unstoppable. It is so overwhelming to meet such lovely people.