Wednesday, December 04, 2013

42nd UAE National Day Grand Parade in Pictures

Now that Dubai has been crowned as the host city for Expo 2020 and with everyone rejoicing for this victory, ever so proud that Dubai is their home, thousands turn up at at Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard at Downtown Dubai to witness the parade showcasing vibrant and colorful display through themed floats, dances, novelty balloons, camels and horses, drum and lyre bands, all coming from different government entities, schools, private companies, sports club, bikers etc come together to show their support and solidarity that is paralleled to the National Day celebrations.

As we watch in awe, we cannot help but to immerse ourselves in the culture rich event that is unfolding and feel the cheer in our hearts. It was festive and everyone was with a smile on their faces especially the young ones. It lasted two hours and I took hundreds of pictures which I'd like to share the nice ones to you.


  1. Lovely pics. Indeed a very nice share.
    These are some of the best events in Dubai.

    Thanks! for sharing :)


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