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The Beach

I want to go to the beach tomorrow but the dad was too tired and badly needed some rest and longer extended sleep. We were up so late last night for the Justin Timberlake concert in Abu Dhabi du Arena and today he needed to go to work, Saturday's the busiest day at work while me on the other hand was off and had the privilege to doze off. Anyhow, I am still dreaming to go to the beach and soak up in the morning sun and until then I am going to be reminiscing our day at the beach about three weeks ago or until I convinced him to go. Cheeky, I know but tomorrow is the last day of the long weekend and its summer for crying out loud, we have to go to ze beach!!!! Living in the UAE means to love the sun, the sea and the sand. Although The Beach is far from where we live, located in Dubai Marina adjacent to The Walk between Hilton and Sheraton Hotels, about 40 kilometers away from our home about 25 minutes drive without the traffic, we still wanted to go. The Beach is a new lifestyl

Social House Dubai Mall

Social House is located in Dubai Mall lower ground right next to the biggest dancing water fountain in the world. The night we had dinner in this restaurant was one of those unforgettable nights with my family. Good food, great ambiance and view, perfect company and it was my daughter's 10th birthday. The outside dining area was full hence we were seated indoor, it was a perfect setting nonetheless, having the dancing water fountain as a backdrop that plays every half an hour is sublime, if only we could hear the music. We immediately get down to business and ordered food which arrived on our table quite really fast living to its promise Our food consists of... Pho Bo Fettuccine Seabass Four Cheese Pizza Dragon Roll Popcorn Prawn Salad Nasi Goreng Twisted Salmon Roll We all tuck in sharing everything, clacking knives and forks and passing plates, it just feels like home. The fairy lights and the dancing water fountai