The Beach

I want to go to the beach tomorrow but the dad was too tired and badly needed some rest and longer extended sleep. We were up so late last night for the Justin Timberlake concert in Abu Dhabi du Arena and today he needed to go to work, Saturday's the busiest day at work while me on the other hand was off and had the privilege to doze off.

Anyhow, I am still dreaming to go to the beach and soak up in the morning sun and until then I am going to be reminiscing our day at the beach about three weeks ago or until I convinced him to go. Cheeky, I know but tomorrow is the last day of the long weekend and its summer for crying out loud, we have to go to ze beach!!!! Living in the UAE means to love the sun, the sea and the sand. Although The Beach is far from where we live, located in Dubai Marina adjacent to The Walk between Hilton and Sheraton Hotels, about 40 kilometers away from our home about 25 minutes drive without the traffic, we still wanted to go.

The Beach is a new lifestyle destination in Dubai that boast a shopping complex with 70 retail outlets, a number of restaurants, open theater cinema, play area for kids, a running track, an open air gym, intricate sand sculptures and an expansive open space with white sandy beach and crystal clear water. It is a place for a perfect summer getaway

We raced the sun and reach the beach at sunrise, it was still low tide.

We rolled out our beach mat on this spot

And behind us are the towering buildings of the Jumeirah Beach Residences.

Hubby and kids can't resist the call of the sea and made their way down to the water while me and our friends took loads and loads of photos. :D

This was a precious bonding moment, look at how happy my boys were, while mica was playing mermaid a the background enjoying a swim

dad and prince at the beach jbr on Make A Gif
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I enjoyed a stroll on the shore and feel the sand and sea on my toes before I followed them in the water. 

Love this photo of our family

Prince with her beautiful godmother

 Jeah Adarna and Rosy

I woke up early to prepare a simple breakfast, it was chicken sandwich and hard boiled eggs

After the hearty breakfast and the much needed dip in the water, we decided to pack-up, it was only half past nine in the morning and it was getting hotter by the minute. If we are leaving because it was too hot for us already, the others are just arriving.

But before we go,just "let me take a selfie" Cameras are installed around The Beach and you can send photos to your e-mail.

The dad said YES already so we will see these again tomorrow. I am soooo excited.

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Social House Dubai Mall

Social House is located in Dubai Mall lower ground right next to the biggest dancing water fountain in the world. The night we had dinner in this restaurant was one of those unforgettable nights with my family. Good food, great ambiance and view, perfect company and it was my daughter's 10th birthday.

The outside dining area was full hence we were seated indoor, it was a perfect setting nonetheless, having the dancing water fountain as a backdrop that plays every half an hour is sublime, if only we could hear the music.

We immediately get down to business and ordered food which arrived on our table quite really fast living to its promise

Our food consists of...

Pho Bo
Fettuccine Seabass

Four Cheese Pizza

Dragon Roll

Popcorn Prawn Salad

Nasi Goreng

Twisted Salmon Roll
We all tuck in sharing everything, clacking knives and forks and passing plates, it just feels like home.

The fairy lights and the dancing water fountain made this photo a wee bit of whimsical

Can't resist to pick up every last bit of the prawn popcorn salad, it is a meal in itself, healthy and delicious

The youngest of us was serious about the four cheese pizza and fettuccine pasta. The good thing about this restaurant is that every one in my family get to chose the food that they really like because the menu has a wide selection of dishes from pasta and pizza, sushi and sashimi and Indonesian and even Russian food is available.

After supper, the fun continues

Having fun with tita Bhabes on Make A Gif

and the blowing of the cake happened too, courtesy of Social House

Cake Blowing on Make A Gif

and so is the sharing of the cake

Did I mentioned sharing?

As opposed to the reviews I've read about Social House, the service was good and we are well taken care of that night, our server was attentive to all our request and we love how he comes to check if everything was fine on our table. Even the Filipino supervisor who happened to be my brothers friend comes often to our table to ask if everything was alright. The food was a bit pricey though but we pay almost the same when we go to other restaurants. Husband wanted his Nasi Goreng spicier but it was not spicy just because we asked it to be medium spicy so we can share it, other than that our dining experience at Social House was so(ho) good. The bill was AED 443.70 or $120 for four people and two kids.

I am definitely coming back and bringing my sister and other friends here.

Just look at how gorgeous this restaurant looks.

Did you notice what's written on the board? Do you know that STRESSED is DESSERTS spelled backwards?

Fresh produce in every corner

The night was long and we continue to roam the corners of Dubai Mall.

We pass by Garrett for some caramel popcorn

 Took some selfies

Played a little

having fun with light on Make A Gif

Played a little bit more

more fun with lights on Make A Gif

                             animated gifs 

And we were like fireflies addictive to the light

more light fun at dxb mall on Make A Gif

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We continue acting like kids and borrowed this to go home 

Just kidding.:D
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