Micaela's First Holy Communion

One more thing I like about Dubai and that one thing that is special apart from the millions things I like about this country is the liberty to practice religion.

As a practicing Catholic I am glad that we have our own churches here in the UAE and the people are allowed to practice their religion inside the church premises.

There are a couple of churches in Dubai that I know, one is St. Francis de Assisi in Jebel Ali and St. Mary's Catholic Church in Oud Metha where we usually attend the holy mass, it is also where Prince was baptized. There is another church in Sharjah, the St. Michael's Church, it is where me and Ferald exchanged vows and where our first child Micaela was baptized.

Micaela recently received her first holy communion at St. Mary's Church after two continuous years of attending her catechism classes. Unlike in my home country, it is not included in her school program so we have to enroll her in a separate catechism class in Dubai.

Mica and her friend after the holy communion ceremony

I felt different that day. I felt pride in having to raise a God loving, God believing child. I am so proud of her for having to receive her first holy communion. I had goosebumps as I watch her and all the other children received their very first flesh and blood of Christ. I thank the Lord for such a blessing.


They looked angelic on white gowns provided by the church for a minimal fee including accessories (headdress for the girls, candle and scapular)

I bought for her a pretty white dress from Forever 21 to wear under the gown.

while I wore this blue dress from Iconic, there was this pretty maxi blue dress I found online but could not get it before Mica's event, I still want it so much and will have to get it.

I really wanted Ferald to be present on this special day but he was at work and there's no way to take a day off. No one's off during Saturdays at his workplace since it is the busiest day of the work week for them.There's another chance anyway since Micaela will have to continue her catechism classes, this time in preparation for the Sacrament of Confirmation or kumpil in Tagalog.

If you would like your child to receive his or her first holy communion in Dubai at St. Mary's Church in particular, your ward needs to attend two consecutive years of catechism class held every Friday and Saturday at the church followed by children's mass.

Here is the new announcement from the parish for the new catechism school year, you can also view it here should you wish to register your kids.

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Pizza Making Birthday Party

We were invited to a pizza making birthday party a few months ago.

Micaela's classmate was celebrating her 10th birthday and what a lovely idea to do a pizza making birthday party for the birthday girl.

A long table was arranged at the middle of the party hall. The children lined themselves up next to the tables, they are all very excited about the activity, my son was a little hesitant and unsure of what's happening and refused to put on the plastic apron. And even after it was neatly tied to his waist, he was asking me to remove it, he only gain enthusiasm when the pizza doughs were placed in front of the children and the activity started gaining pace.

Prince loosened up and join the fun.

After a short introduction about pizza, the kids were told to pat the dough using their palm and then they were told to put their pointer and middle finger together and use it to push the dough further to the side of the pan.

Pizza sauce was poured into each pizza dough and each kid were given a pair of plastic gloves to keep their hands clean while topping their pizza with their choice of toppings. I think Prince put every topping there is while Mica liked her pizza really cheesy with just a few slices of ham.There was pepperoni, ham, corn, olives, chicken, mushroom and green bell pepper.

After adding the toppings, the kids add more cheese on top of the pizza before it was taken to the oven to bake. They also took the hats of the kids and placed it beneath the pan to id the pizzas for serving later

Prince pizza looks so good and yes it was very delicious. We shared it just because it was too big for him to finish it. It was served with apple juice.

Micaela pizza turned out well. She and all the other kids ate their pizzas.

I on the other hand was sated by fresh mozzarella and tomato salad, creamy salmon pasta and washed it all down with some pineapple-orange cocktail.

If you are looking to celebrate your child's birthday in a unique, engaging, and fun way, pizza making birthday party is for you. Your kid and your kids guest will surely enjoy it, we did. Kudos to the birthday girl's parents.

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Justin Timberlake 20/20 Experience in Abu Dhabi

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Couple of days before I won the best mood board of a concert outfit, my husband and I were talking about missing our road trips and long drives to other Emirates of the UAE. Then suddenly I got lucky :D, the people of SIVVI sent us two tickets to the Justin Timberlake concert in Abu Dhabi Du Arena

International DJ Freestyle pump up the music an hour to the concert. The crowd was shouting Justin's name by nine pm. He came down from the stairs with spotlights on him accompanied by the shrieks of the crowd. The concert venue was full and the approximate number of people was at 20, 000

Justin's performance was electrifying and engaging, all through out the concert, he was asking the crowd to sing parts of the song with him. His music and songs are all familiar since we've been listening to it over and over again on the radio almost every morning on the way to work. I love the songs Cry Me A River, What Goes Around Comes Around, Summer Love from his 2002 album Justified and from his 20/20. Experience album - Mirrors, Not A Bad Thing, TKO, Pusher Love Girl, and Suite and Tie. He also sang Love Never Felt So Good as a result of his collaboration with the late King of Pop - Michael Jackson as a tribute as well as an Elvis Presley song.

He even reminisced the last time he was in the UAE in 2007 concert at the Emirates Palace.

All the grooving and the singing continued but he couldn't stop mentioning how hot it is in Abu Dhabi, he was literally using a big towel to mop his forehead but he was still looking so crisp and clean with his lightning printed black polo shirt.

He was on guitar and on piano, so versatile.

The Tennessee Kids was Justin fun loving band whose with him all through out the 20/20 Experience World Tour.

Being in a Justin Timberlake concert was HOT in every sense.

I was thankful I did go for this (summer) concert outfit because it was really hot, so hot that I have to remove my blue top because it was wet with sweat and I have to put my hair up in a bun.

Hubby wore this white cotton polo shirt and green shorts, very light and comfortable.

It was a sweet sweet experience.

There are just a few things to remember when going to a summer concert especially in UAE

First: Come early if you wanted to get your most coveted spot 

Second: Stay hydrated. Bring bottles of cold water with you and drink plenty of it.

Third: Wear comfortable and light fitting clothes

Fourth: Never drink and drive 

Fifth: Use a good phone camera if you have since professional cameras are not allowed.
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