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If the Gate Village in DIFC has La Petite Maison and Downtown Dubai has La Serre, Dubai Marina's Pier 7 has Atelier M.

Atelier M is an exclusive, soulful, multi-level dining and lounge restaurant serving French culinary masterpieces with modern Asian and Mediterranean twists. The same transcends to its interior and decor where each element is carefully and skillfully put together to create this awe-inspiring classic art deco setting.

Occupying three levels of Pier 7, one can leisurely adore the beauty of Dubai Marina's water district at the sleek rooftop terrace.

Roselle (of Kero's Celebration) extended her invite and ask me to join her in this culinary experience where we shared wonderful kitchen creations of a team of top chefs handpicked by the owner himself Chef Mohammad Islam.

We started with Tiger shrimp salad in truffle vinaigrette which quickly vanished off the plate and...

Tokyo hamachi tartare in yuzu vinaigrette. If you fancy seafood, then promise to try these two appetizers because they are both a winner

Moving on with the main course, our server suggested that we ordered Beef Tenderloin grilled on the bones with ginger carrots on the sideGrilled to perfection, the flavor explodes with every bite, sweet and peppery, so tender the meat falls off the bones, I couldn't have enough of it.

Our second dish was Butter Poached Lobster on a bed of mashed potato with truffle oil. I couldn't agree more with Roselle that this dish was delish.

Can you say that three times quickly? (This dish was delish) lols!

A quick look on the wiki about lobster tells me that there is three lobster grade served in restaurants around the world which also defines its price and taste new shell, hard shell, and old shell. I wonder which one this is. If my guess is right, I think this one is a hard shell.

We also had on the side some Stir-Fried Wild and Red Rice with mushrooms, it really does compliment the grilled beef tenderloin.

Our meal was paired with a glass of Chardonnay wine and some ginger martini.

Reka - Atelier M's Assistant Lounge Manager invited us to see the retro bar and lounge upstairs where we continued with our dessert. We climbed the ornate spiral staircase to the lounge bar, I was a bit tipsy and I didn't know if it was the spiral stairs or the martini. Whoever is the mixologist, kudos to you.

The equally sophisticated retro bar and lounge were dominated by three large screens for the sports fanatics. Imagine this place during the World Cup, it was full of football enthusiasts. The night we are here was one of the Ramadan nights which explains the empty plush velvet seats.

Sticky Toffee Pudding with Vanilla Ice Cream and Chocolate Lava Cake with Coconut sorbet was our sweet endings.

It was a night to remember, with stunning ambiance, the staff served with grace and finesse, and beautifully concocted dishes to die for, Atelier M simply impresses from start to end.

Pier 7 Dubai Marina
Next to Dubai Marina Mall
For Reservations: +9714 450 7766
Email at:

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