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Dinner Date at Serendipity 3, Dubai Festival City

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I've always wanted to dine at Serendipity 3 but never had the chance, because you know, we have gazillion dining options in Dubai. Until finally, hubby and I decided to try a new restaurant at Dubai Festival City hence a visit to Serendipity 3 to celebrate 15 years of togetherness.

15 years and 4 months to be exact last April 19.

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Chimes of our Lives, Crab Fest 2014

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Last week my friends and I headed to Chimes Dubai - one of Al Barsha's casual Far Eastern restaurant that caters delectable street food of the Eastern Pacific rim including Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia

October is the beginning of the crab fishing season around the world and Chimes Dubai Crab Fest 2014 is still on offering six crab dishes, perfectly marinated crabs smothered with your favorite sauce served with steamed rice or Mantau buns for only 99 Dirhams. Each crab weighs about 500 grams and is good for 2 people.

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Barefoot Lounge is Back!

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After a long and warm summer, the cool season has finally arrived! Yay!! 

I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one excited, in Dubai we all have been waiting for this day to come because it means outdoor life and the end of hibernating inside our temperature controlled homes.

To welcome the return of this great outdoor weather, Dubai Marine Beach Resort and Spa's Barefoot
Lounge, one of Dubai's most romantic open-air lounges has opened its doors. Ferald and I with fellow bloggers and members of the press were invited to celebrate this event.

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Avocado Toast

For most Pinoys, avocado is classified as a fruit dessert. Mashed and mixed with sugar, milk in powdered form, a little cold water and some ice, chilled in the fridge and served after lunch or dinner meals.

Little did I know that in other parts of the world, avocado is used as nacho dip, accompaniment in salads, sandwich spread and pasta sauce until I came to Dubai. I know I was naive but I am also a brave soul. A natural foodie, an adventurer. I am now testing unchartered waters and trying avocado in all its possible ways in food preparation.

I gave avocado toast a try and even the picky eater husband loved it. Best for breakfast or quick lunch at the office.

It is a no brainer recipe, all you need is one ripe avocado, two bread slices toasted (I used brown bran bread) a pinch of salt, pepper and chili flakes.

Mash your avocado, keep it a little chunky, spread it on top of your toast, sprinkle with salt, pepper and chili flakes. Voila, you've got a very healthy, curve flattering avocado toast.

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First Suhoor Experience at Sofitel JBR

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I almost cancelled an invitation for a Suhoor gathering last week thinking that it's going to be a very early morning event. I was glad I didn't because this suhoor invite was from 10 pm to 1 am only. It was my first and I was eager to know how a proper one is done.

For those who needs to know, Suhoor is the meal a person consumes every day before dawn during the holy month of Ramadan. According to Islamic traditions, it is a blessing as it holds the fasting person in his healthy state during the fasting hours. It is very important not to skip suhoor because skipping it only makes fasting even harder and more challenging.

The common practice is to have suhoor at home since it is a pre-dawn meal, say before 4 am in the morning. Many hotels in the UAE also serve suhoor and service is between 11:30 pm to 2 am mostly catering to hotel guest and companies hosting suhoor. Compared to most iftars I have tried here, here, and here which are mostly buffets, suhoor at Al Samar Sofitel JBR was a la carte.

This was's hosted suhoor party and my friend Roselle graciously extended her invite. is a company that offers car buying service without a fuss. They'll take care of the entire sales process of your used car. is a call away and they'll do the rest for you, they also have branches in KSA and Turkey.

Al Samar Sofitel JBR was a casual dining scene made intimate by two pillars and three huge cylindrical sculptures dividing the restaurant giving each group of diners some privacy. The water fountain and a crystal chandelier at the middle gave the ambiance its natural feel.

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Atelier M

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If the Gate Village in DIFC has La Petite Maison and Downtown Dubai has La Serre, Dubai Marina's Pier 7 has Atelier M.

Atelier M is an exclusive, soulful, multi-level dining and lounge restaurant serving French culinary masterpieces with modern Asian and Mediterranean twist. The same transcends to its interior and decor where each element are carefully and skillfully put together to create this awe-inspiring classic art deco setting.

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Cheap Eats in Dubai: Shawarma

Shawarma in Dubai cost between 3-5 AED or 1-1.5 USD per sandwich. One is enough to fill you or two if with a bigger appetite. Usually shawarma are sold at cafeterias you can find around the city. You can also have shawarma in restaurants but if you want an authentic experience I bet you will enjoy it most street style, the way it should be. It is dubbed as the city's best snack. One can never really call oneself a true blue Dubai resident if you haven't eaten shawarma coz it is a staple food over here. If you're a tourist, then it is a must try.

Shawarma stalls in Dubai opens at night only except of course those in the mall or the restaurants. Shawarma comes with slowly roasted beef or chicken, with some lettuce or cabbage and parsley, then drizzled with tahina sauce before it is wrapped in pita bread (kubus) or with flat bread. I like mine wrapped in flatbread persian style just like what you see in this picture.

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Banana Split Sandwich

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Midnight snacking is not our thing but last night the husband and I came home late due to some important errands. The kids are still up waiting for us.

My daughter got hungry and ask me for some snacks. I was also feeling a little hungry myself since we had shawarma for iftar which was around 7:15pm

I saw this very easy banana split sandwich recipe from a cooking show on tv and I have just the right ingredients available at home. It is quick, easy, healthy and super delish.

You have to try this, I swear you'll forget your name on the first bite :D I was surprised that hubby and the kids love it, will definitely make another batch of this next time.

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This post should have been up here a long time ago but every time we eat at Applebee's, I never had any blog worthy photos to post up here.

So on the next couple of times we ate at this American casual dining joint, I tried to take better photos of the food and the restaurant.

They had their interiors redesigned and I like it more this time because the ambiance is fresh and fun. They removed many memorabilia that used to clutter the walls and replaced them with photos framed nice and neat. They kept that signature wall murals though showing the best of both worlds which I find really cool.

The two photos above are taken in two different occasions and location. The first was in Dubai branch where me and my colleagues had our lunch one Thursday and the second was in their Sharjah branch last Father's Day to celebrate our dads day.

Applebee's have big servings so ordering three different dishes is good enough to share with this two hungry birds whether it is a salad or a starter.

Lunch break is just one hour so we wasted no time and ordered our food fast. We had burger slider, fiesta salad and poblano pasta. This fiesta salad is true to its name. It is not only colorful, there is so much texture in it.

The burger slider was fantastic, the beef patty was freshly made and it was sooo juicy. I promise that I'll come back only for their real big burgers next time.

Do I need to say more for this pasta dish? Look at those prawns, yum.

Wanna have lunch/dinner, they have this ongoing promotion.

We are too full to have dessert but if you are visiting, these are worth dunking your forks into

They have great sangria s too, this was mine, the red apple

Closer... did you notice something?

These two sangria photos were taken in different times but as you can see it is my favorite, and I order it all the time, isn't it pretty?

Fathers Day cannot be ignored especially when it is the only topic on your Facebook wall for almost three days and nothing else. lols!

Of course we took the man of the house to Applebee's for a treat. Unlike the hurried lunch I had with my colleagues, this out dinner is at leisure, unhurried and slow and fun.

When you eat at Applebee's this sampler tower is a must, best shared with family or friends and it's really delicious, that boneless BBQ wings is a winner. You can actually build your tower sampler if you like with starters of your choice.

Our food came in big servings, just look at these plates.

This one's my daughters - Mac N Cheese

My sister-in-law ordered Parmesan crusted chicken and pasta

Prince ordered burger slider.

The celebrant had 7 oz sirloin cooked medium well with mushroom sauce (not pictured). I didn't order anything for myself because the burger slider have three mini burgers which Prince cannot finish and we also had that sampler tower for our starter. I knew that we will have enough food to share.

Dessert was moist chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream with five spoons, I shoot and we demolish.

Happy daddy, happy tummy and happy family.

Oh, I haven't tried that real big burger yet so yeah I'll be back...soon.
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