Hello and Farewell Pinay Flying High

Dubai is a sad place to make friends sometimes. Just when you are getting along really well with your new found friends, one is set to say goodbye because he or she is moving to another place. It is one reality of expat life, people come and go into your life and you have no power over it. The only consolation is that we are in the era of modern technology where is it easy to keep in touch.

Still I was glad to meet Noemi, the adventurous Filipina behind the travel blog Pinay Flying High the day before she left Dubai for good. Along with my other blogger girlfriend Sheila of ABandMe, we chat, giggle and nibble the night away talking about blogging, girls stuff, family, work, and our life in Dubai. We really wished that we have met long time before (but what to do yanih) we can only hope that our paths cross again.

(me, Noemi and Sheila)

With maybe an hour left to us before we actually say our goodbyes, we moved to a different venue for some dessert I mean drink

and some fun. I never thought fruits could be this fun

especially with these girls wild imagination (sorry to be vague but I'm sure ma girls get what I actually mean)

One last selfie with the girls. Take care PFH and mabrook to you and the future husband.

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  1. Thank you Carla. It was really nice to meet you and I did hope that I met both of you much earlier. We could have had loads of fun in blogger events. :)

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