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The day we went to visit RIPE Market in its new home in Zabeel Park was the same day of Burjuman Center's Pink Walkathon. It is our first time to visit RIPE market and we were told it was extra crowded that day because of the event earlier.

We arrived at half past twelve and we only had an hour to spare. It was easy to be overwhelmed because there were so many things going on around, there were lots of activities for the kids like arts and craft, petting zoo and I also noticed a group of kids learning to use their hula hoops on the other side. There were lots of interesting things to see for adults apart from the sprawling food stalls, there were candles and flowers for sale, handmade crafts, clothing, and organic produce by RIPE itself.

We followed our instincts and looked for lunch because we were starving, didn't had breakfast before leaving the house. The smell of roasting meat pulled us to the not very far away Saladicious stand where they are roasting some mouth watering chunks of beef briskets, sausages, corn-on-a-cob and burger patties. The aroma wafting from the grilled offerings was all over the place. 
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I think I waited in line for half an hour but I tell you it was worth the wait. While I was at the queue, my kids and husband looked around to get us a place to sit.

I ordered Angus beef burger with crispy sweet potato on the side, slow roasted beef and sausage cutlets and a corn-on-a-cob but unfortunately they run-out of corn so they replaced it with some salad called salad temptation, also a very good accompaniment for our meats.

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We savor every bite and had a lots of fun with the kids who also love #selfies. We are just so happy to be outside, to feel the warmth of the sun and cool breeze. We always have sun in this side of the globe 365 days a year but marry it with the almost winter breeze around October it's glorious.

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  1. I've wanted to visit RIPE for ages. How was the selection of organic fruit and vegetables?

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