Glambox's All Natural Faceshop Beauty Kit

I already like Faceshop but what hooked me into its first Glambox kit is because it's all natural.

The use of aloe, sunflower, white seed, pomegranate and mixed berries in Faceshop's products sounds very promising and indeed it did not disappoint.

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I've been using the contents of my Glambox since I received it and I've never been this religious in the use of a lip balm and hand cream before as I am now. It became a staple for me and actually while I was writing this I am still looking for my Lovely ME:EX Mango Seed Lip Care Pomegranate in my bag, I thought I lost itMy ten year old daughter whose always curious to know what I am using always take it from my bag even if she has her own lip care. She liked it and ask me to get one for her.

I like a good lip care and Lovely ME:EX Mango Seed Lip Care Pomegranate is super, it has kept my pout always soft and smooth for the longest time. Add to it the pomegranate which I am currently in love with right now, it's perfect.

Another essential in my bag is the Daily Perfumed Hand Cream Berry Mix. It has cranberry, blackberry, blueberry, raspberry extracts as well as olive, anise, and Shea butter extracts. I carry it everywhere I go. I apply this hand cream all the time after washing my hands. Hand cleansers leave your hands dry so it is good to always use a hand moisturizer after every wash. Our hands are as important as our face and neck, so never forget to moisturize. Berry Mix is super-creamy and it instantly nourishes my hand with just a small amount leaving it smooth and lightly scented. I almost finish my tube and must stock up.

Glambox All Natural Faceshop Beauty Kit also has the White Seed Deluxe Kit comprising of sample sizes of White Seed Real Whitening Toner, the White Seed Real Whitening Lotion and the White Seed Real Whitening Essence. A triple milky whitening formula developed to help whiten skin 1000 times more than vitamin.C.

The first night I tried it, I woke up to a supple and radiant skin the next morning, no breakouts or rash whatsoever. My skin was glowing and looks very happy. My continued use gave me a fairer skin after a few days. What I like about this product is you don't go to the stage of peeling, your skin won't peel but you will still get the same effect. There is just a little tingling sensation when I am applying the lotion but that's it. It is also easily absorbed by the skin and it's not sticky.

Since I'm using the whitening kit, sunscreen is essential and I need not ask because my Glambox has it in the kit. The Natural Sun Eco Sample Kit features four water based gels and creams that provide a long lasting sun protection. I used these four - Natural Sun Eco Aqua Sun Gel SPF40 Pa+++ (1ml); Natural Sun Eco Super Perfect Sun Cream SPF50+ Pa+++ (1ml); and Natural Sun Eco Oil-Cut Sun Cream SPF40 Pa++ (1ml) every morning before I go to work to make sure I am protected from the harsh UV rays. It can also be use as a make up base.

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In the photo above taken a week ago when we tried Ostadi, which by the way has no any kind of filter :D, I was wearing the Eco Super Perfect Sun Cream SPF50+ Pa+++ under a light makeup. Also my skin is fairer after several days of using the whitening kit.

Last but not the least is the Real Nature Aloe Mask (20g). After using the white seed toner, I used the mask instead of the lotion and essence from the whitening kit. I wanted to soak my skin with this aloe mask to help hydrate my skin deeply. I have dry skin so it is required that I use a hydrating mask at least once a week for a fresh and young looking skin.

All in all, I am very happy with the contents of this box, everything is natural and so I wasn't afraid to try. I am careful with the products I am using on my face, we all should be, so chose wisely. Not all natural agrees with my skin, like honey, I was so sad when I discovered just recently that I have an allergy to it, big amounts of honey can give me a rash. When you want to try a new product especially for your face, try to apply a small amount of it in your jaw line to see if there will be no adverse effect on your skin, discontinue if your skin get irritated.

Glambox is available for subscription for 3, 6, and 9 months from as little as 75 Dirhams or 21 US Dollars

*This Glambox is complimentary in order to facilitate the review, photos and wordings are all of the author unless stated otherwise. This is an impartial review and are all based on the authors experience using the products mentioned above.

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