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Evenings At Gloria Hotel Dubai: Spa + Dinner

I love a good massage. But what I like the most are the foot massage and a full body massage. My love for a good body massage started at home, with my mom. Whenever I am feeling under the weather or have an aching limb, my mom would heat up some oil, grill some calamansi (calamansi is a type of citrus fruit found in the Philippines) squeeze the juice of the calamansi into some warm oil, mix it and apply it all over my body before giving me the most comforting massage. It never fails to put me to sleep and just like magic, heals me. My mom lives miles away from me now and I don't have that luxury anymore. Good thing, we have plenty of spas in Dubai whom I can turn to when I need some pampering. The latest one I've tried was the one located at Gloria Hotel It's called  Dreamworks Spa !

Beauty Night at Vivaldi by Alfredo Russo Sheraton Dubai Creek

It's a pity that I'm not able to attend many wonderful events lately. Not that I don't want to, but because I can't. but... there are some fabulous events that fit perfectly with my schedule like the one I attended just recently at Sheraton Dubai Creek . It was an event I wouldn't want to miss. I could not help but to feel festive as I enter Sheraton Dubai Creek. Giant Christmas tree at Sheraton Dubai Creek entrance Up until I reached the entrance of Vivaldi by Alfredo Russo, fully dressed up in pink baloons and silver ornaments. Suddenly my mood shifted, to more of a ladies night party mood. The event is nothing if not the fanciest, after all... it's the sixth and grandest edition of #SheratonDXBeautyNight hosted by Vivaldi by Alfredo Russo Restaurant and Lounge . View from Vivaldi by Alfredo Russo's Terrace It was a beauty night dedicated to all ladies from Dubai, inspired by beauty lifestyle. It was a wonderful nigh

Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics at City Walk Dubai

Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics flagship store at City Walk Dubai opens its doors last week where I had the chance to have a sneak peek of the winter collection and the first ever Hair Lab and Gorilla Perfume Lounge the day before they opened it to the public. I love how colorful it was inside the store. I was like seeing a house in Hansel and Gretel story sans the old woman witch, full of candies luring me to enter. However inedible and instead of popping them into your mouth, you smooth it to yourself or dive into it in the bathtub. These bath bombs are so cool and come in a rainbow of colors. They all look so pretty and I want them all. It is the same day that they launched their winter collection so I bought a couple of their best sellers - Father Christmas and Northern Lights for us to try. To start with the bubble bars, I opted for the milky bath. My main concern was my eldest sensitive skin but I the staff assured me that all of their products are plant based.

Sort Out Your Salon Appointments with VANIDAY

If Zomato is your go to app for all restaurants, bars and dining places in Dubai and Uber is for all your private transportation needs, what is your go to app for all your beauty and wellness needs? Did I hear you say VANIDAY? For me too!  VANIDAY ( is a wonderful app (available on both IOS or Android) that I discovered recently. It is user friendly and booking a salon has never been this easy. With over 700 member salons (ladies and gents), spa and wellness centers around Dubai in their sleeves with actual customer ratings, you can never go wrong with this app. My hair needed some tlc and I used VANIDAY to book an appointment with Sky Star Salon in Al Rigga Road for cellophane color. Sky - the salon owner did my hair before and I was happy with my curls.  I don't have Sky Star Salons telephone number though yet I picked up my phone, tap my VANIDAY app and booked away. All you need to do is 1. Discover. 2. Book. 3. Enjoy. How easy is that?  I kn

The White Room

I've recently discovered one of the best salons in Dubai Marina area, The White Room Beauty and Spa Lounge . It's now on top of my list when I want some highly efficient, affordable and luxurious pampering. My appointment was at 7 pm on a Thursday but due to work load, I needed to call them to adjust it at a later time which they accommodated even with a very tight and busy schedule. When I arrive, the staff greeted me with a smile and offered some refreshments. The lady who assisted me showed me a large collection of nail polish to choose from. I picked Esse leading lady and it suites my hands perfectly. We entered a stunning white room, it was immaculate. I don't have a photo of it though, it felt awkward to take photos with other ladies having their hands and feet done and with just a towel wrap around the waist The pedicure started with a warm foot soak, scrub and foot and leg massage, it felt heavenly. The same for the hands follow suit

Glambox's All Natural Faceshop Beauty Kit

I already like Faceshop but what hooked me into its first Glambox kit is because it's all natural. The use of aloe, sunflower, white seed, pomegranate and mixed berries in Faceshop's products sounds very promising and indeed it did not disappoint. photo supplied

Blog and Breathe Bloggers Meet

Time for a beauty post. I know it's a rare thing for me to do but I guess girls will always be girls. A midweek pampering wouldn't hurt anyway plus it's October, the pink month is all about caring for one self especially for us ladies. Loading Pretty colors #nailart #beautyblogging #tiisganda #myyellowbells View on Instagram Last night's bloggers meet up was at the cozy Fellaa Beauty Care and Spa in Ansar Gallery in Karama. The place is owned by the Indian film actress Nisha Joseph. We also met the manager Gauri as well as the organizer herself, the bubbly Chhaya of Your Bubbly Butterfly , a full time beauty blogger herself.

My basic skin care regimen revealed

When it comes to my skin, I trust only one brand - Ponds Beauty White... Oh ha, sounds like a commercial on TV but that actually holds true for me. I have tried several skin care products but nothing works like these ones. I switched to many different brands based on curiosity but went back to using ponds because it does not irritate my skin and give it that promised radiant glow. My skin agrees with these products that's why I love them. Not even a small pimple appears since I switched back. This is not actually a product review but just to tell you what is the basic skin care I follow to keep my skin clean and blemish free. It doesn't matter what skin products you use as long as it is suitable to your skin types and as long as you religiously follow these basic steps which means daily use. Step 1 - Cleanse - It is important to wash your face everyday but not with soap. It can easily remove dirt from your skin but it dries it up too. You can use a facial foam wash th

Slimming Coffee or KILLER Coffee? Better Safe Than Sorry!

Better safe than SORRY! I was waiting for four boxes of slimming coffee from the Philippines. I consumed two boxes of the same coffee about three or four months ago, and as promised I lost almost five kilos. Too good to be true? I know but it happened to me that's why I can't wait for it to come and I have been asking for updates from a friend whose relative is coming to Dubai if he is able to bring it for me. That thought was a day ago before I stumbled upon an article the next day which says "Slimming Coffee or KILLER Coffee?" I had goosebumps with the word killer capitalized by Bang . I thought to myself this is not the coffee I took months back but I continue reading the article with doubts that it might be the same coffee because I heard that this brand is the most popular in the Philippines. When I scroll down the page, I saw a photo of the same box and sachets I used to tear every morning for about 24 days that actually help me lose the extra baby weight.