Al Ustad Special Kebab

Al Ustad Special Kebab or Ostadi is an Iranian restaurant that serves delicious and authentic mutton and chicken yogurt kebab platters since 1980 and was highly recommended by two of my blogger friends.

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As a treat for the family during the UAE National Day last December 2014, we popped into Ostadi even Prince was fast asleep. I wanted us to try what dubbed to be the best kebab in town

This family-owned and managed restaurant serve about two hundred customers per day and one cannot miss its wall and tables decorated with memorabilia from customers such as old mobile phones, transistor radio, baseball caps, bills, newspaper clipping and photos of its patrons and diners.

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When we get there, the lights were switched off and the door was locked so we thought it was close for the day due to National Day. Actually, we were just early for the dinner service.

It took us several rounds finding a place to park the car and deciding where to eat but after another round, we saw Al Ustad was open already and as if by luck we found a parking spot just two blocks away from it.

Once we were seated, groups of people started coming and by the time our order landed on our table, the place was already in a hustle and bustle.

The heavenly aroma wafting from the piping hot grilled meat fills the air. They served it with some fresh salads, yogurt-mint mix and some freshly baked flat bread with an option of saffron rice and then finished our meal with complimentary dates and mint tea. Price wise, it is very affordable.

Unfortunately, I misplaced the food photos and couldn't find to share. After dinner, I took the kids to see the fireworks by the creek which was lovely.

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