Kite Flying during the Dubai International Kite Festival 2015

I remember flying kites with my dad and siblings when I was a little girl. I didn't know why it took this long for me to take my kids to fly kites.

They did light up when we told them we will be flying kites during the weekend and Prince kept talking about it until bed time. I was glad we took them last Friday to fly their very first kite on the second day of the Dubai International Kite Festival at Jumeirah  Beach because even Ferald and I enjoyed doing it together. It only means more kite flying days for us.

Dubai International Kite Festival is on its second year and it was attended by so many, open to all and free admission. Something a family living in Dubai shouldn't miss.

I'd only hoped that the main event of setting the Guinness World Record was done on a Friday because we can't come Saturday but any how our experience is something we will treasure forever as a family and one thing I believe my kids will never forget. We will be looking forward to this kite fest every year from now on.

Back in the Philippines, we make our own simple kites using bamboo as its skeleton, we use plastic for the skin and a string. We could have made our own kites but we don't have much time so we bought our kids kites from Daiso with Disney characters.

At #DIKFest, you will finds kites of all kinds, smallest to biggest and all are very colorful, even some have led lights, it was beautiful.

We stayed until sundown so the kids and adults :D can fly their kites longer.

It took us awhile to make our kites airborne, Ferald needed to adjust the string so it will fly and it did. We went far from where many are flying their kites so ours will not get tangled with someone else, we are beginners :P you know.

This beginner looks like he is enjoying himself. One funny thing Prince did was letting go of his already airborne kite and Mica who was steadying her own kite had to run after his brother's. Good she get hold of it before it gets too far and rammed to other kites. :D

It was an awesome experience and surely one thing we will never forget.

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  1. Lovely Pics!
    Kite Flying at one of the best beach in Dubai looks amazing through those clicks.

    Stay blessed and keep sharing! :)

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