Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Centerpoint Back to School Preview and Shopping Experience

When my first child started school in 2007, we rely mostly in stationery shops, some children shops and big supermarkets for her back to school supplies.

Pretty school bags, lunch boxes and water bottles are hard to find, almost the same sets everywhere. It was challenging and it made me miss my country for abundance of stylish school supplies that one can get their hands on in Divisoria or at SM shopping malls.

Fast forward to 2015, you will see banners of Back To School hang in every store possible all gearing up for the beginning of school in September and parents are spoiled with choices. Everybody has their own take on how to give customers the pleasure of choosing what's best for their children and what their pockets can afford.

One of our favorite places to shop for school essentials is Centerpoint, actually for many things and not just school stuff.

Through the years, Centerpoint has evolved. They give more and more emphasis and importance to the back to school products they sell in store year after year. This year is no different and they are bigger and better.

I've seen their stocks in the last media preview and I was impressed and overwhelmed at the same time. There are so many beautiful pieces with different price points that suits every budget.

My daughter is now entering Grade 7 and my son is in Grade 1 and both needing to have something new for school use.

Kids these days have their own preference and my school boy found his favorite Spiderman in Babyshop.

Every color, every design and cartoon character that you can think of is here.

My daughter on the other hand wanted Jansport bag and found her style in Lifestyle

Even bigger school kids and college students will find something in Lifestyle that will let them stand out from the rest at school.

Done with the bags, we move to the water bottles and lunch boxes.

I found these food movers excellent for food storage so I bought two of the snack tubes for my children

I never shop for school uniforms because my kids school provide uniforms with the school logo. In case you need them, there is plenty of option here at Centerpoint

School shoes are also very important and Shoemart have many good brands in its department.

We wanted something very durable, comfortable yet stylish for Mica and we chose Sketchers for her school shoes this year. Prince Hush Puppies school shoes last year is still in good condition so we didn't get one for him but we still need to check if he has grown and if his shoe size has change, if so we will have to get one for him as well.

We're done with shopping for my kids major school needs. We're glad we went shopping at Ceterpoint, saves me from hopping from shop to another. If you haven't gone shopping yet for your ward, please be sure to check out Centerpoint near you.

Centerpoint is a one-stop-shop for all your children's school shopping needs. Happy shopping!

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